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    Call Hogan and Harris!

    Call Governor Hogan at (410) 974 - 3901 to commit first and foremost to Maryland residents and oppose ALL cuts to healthcare programs, including Medicaid and CHIP! We will not stop calling until every resident of Maryland has guaranteed healthcare for all!


    If you're a resident of CD 1, we are asking you to give Rep. Harris a callWe need to let him know that should he have the opportunity to vote on ANY bill that compromises healthcare for Maryland residents - be it the House 2018 budget, cutting funding for CHIP, or anything else -  that he needs to VOTE TO SUPPORT HEALTHCARE!

    We are also calling on Harris to meet with his constituents regarding healthcare!


     Let us know how your call went HERE!


    Governor Larry Hogan Contact Information:


    100 State Circle, Annapolis, Maryland, 21401-1925




    MD Relay 1-800-735-2258


    Rep. Andy Harris Contact Information - DC & District Offices:



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  • Fully Fund Montgomery County's Fair Elections Program

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    571.pngMontgomery County was the first county in the state to establish a program to get big money out of local elections and empower small donors. Now, candidates are starting to use the program so we need to ensure it is properly funded for the upcoming elections.

    An Independent Commission made funding recommendations for the program to County Executive Leggett who has provided an additional $4 million in his FY18 budget. Now we are just $1 million short of realizing the full potential of the fair elections program.

    The small donor program will elevate the voice of everyday citizens and reduce the influence of corporate donors by providing limited matching funds for small donors if the candidates don’t take large and corporate contributions. 

    Montgomery County took a big step by passing a small donor incentive program that encourages candidates to spend time fundraising from small donors within their constituency rather than dialing for big dollars.

    We're almost there in the fight against big money! Sign below to tell the Montgomery County Council to fully fund Montgomery County's fair elections program.

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  • signed Sign the petition: Tell the Montgomery Council to support One Fair Wage of $15 for all 2016-05-27 16:31:08 -0400
    I am adjunct faculty and we work for just slightly more than minimum-wage although we have masters degrees and PhDs. Colleges rely on us to balance their budgets, although they continue to hire administrators a six-figure salaries. Adjunct faculty currently earning about 30 to 35% of what full-time faculty earned for teaching the same courses to the same standards. The majority of adjunct faculty are women and often women of color. Like restaurant servers, this situation is also a form of legalized discrimination.

    We have received very little press in Montgomery county about our plight. The great irony is that we are teaching students so that they may better themselves and find decent jobs. Meanwhile we who are teaching them often cannot afford to meet our own basic expenses. Just to give you an example ,this past year I taught five courses at Montgomery college. I earned a total of $15,000 for the academic year. I get no benefits and no retirement. I pay $400 per month for private health insurance. There is usually no work in the summer so we are on forced furlough for four months. And we do have a union, so believe it or not,, things would be worse than this financially.

    Heather Brown

    Montgomery College

    Tacoma Park Silver Spring Campus

    MoCo Needs $15

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    FF15_Lights_at_Vigil.jpgThe Montgomery County Council is considering a bill that would raise the county minimum wage to $15/hour by 2020. Help ensure it's a strong bill that protects all workers–no exceptions, no exemptions. 

    Montgomery County is one of the most expensive regions of the country and many workers are being priced out with women and people of color being hardest hit by low wages. Montgomery County should be a place where everyone can afford to live and thrive.

    Please sign to ask the Montgomery County Council to pass a strong minimum wage bill that includes all workers. 

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