Please Stop Asking Me To Call Congresspeople that Aren't Mine, its Unethical

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  • Progressive Prince George's


    Progressive Prince George's brings together residents and activists from all over the county to collaborate for a better quality of life for all Prince Georgians. As a member-driven, community-based organization, we provide access to training and tools to empower all of our members to take on the issues they care about in their neighborhoods. Membership in the chapter is $36 annually or can be waived with a commitment of 6 volunteer hours per month.

    Progressive Prince George's members take on a variety of issues. Our current campaigns and issue areas include:

    Prince George's Deserves Better - Our campaign for quality economic development and land use policy that puts residents' needs over developers' greed. We are working to stop the spread of low-wage, big-box retail, convenience stores, and fast food establishments to make room for a greater variety of retail, dining, and employment options in Prince George's County.

    Environmental Justice - Moving our county toward clean energy, Zero Waste, and protecting our green spaces.

    Zoning Rewrite - For the first time in 50 years, our county is rewriting its zoning ordinance. By dictating our development standards and determining what can be built where, this document affects every aspect of our daily lives, from the quality of the air we breathe, to our job prospects, to the leisure activities available in our communities. We are working to ensure that our new zoning laws will encourage quality economic development, protect our neighborhoods, and preserve our green spaces.

    No on Question D - In July, residents were blindsided by a County Council bill proposing the addition of two at-large seats. This expansion, which comes with a hefty $1 million annual price tag, must be approved by a majority of voters in November in order to go into effect. We believe that the voters of Prince George's County deserve more than three months to consider a controversial change that would fundamentally affect their representation in county government, and the opportunity to fully vet all alternatives.

    Our members have also been active in our statewide campaigns on issues including police reform, raising the minimum wage, paid sick and family leave, and fair scheduling practices for workers.

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