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  • Fully Fund Montgomery County's Fair Elections Program

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    571.pngMontgomery County was the first county in the state to establish a program to get big money out of local elections and empower small donors. Now, candidates are starting to use the program so we need to ensure it is properly funded for the upcoming elections.

    An Independent Commission made funding recommendations for the program to County Executive Leggett who has provided an additional $4 million in his FY18 budget. Now we are just $1 million short of realizing the full potential of the fair elections program.

    The small donor program will elevate the voice of everyday citizens and reduce the influence of corporate donors by providing limited matching funds for small donors if the candidates don’t take large and corporate contributions. 

    Montgomery County took a big step by passing a small donor incentive program that encourages candidates to spend time fundraising from small donors within their constituency rather than dialing for big dollars.

    We're almost there in the fight against big money! Sign below to tell the Montgomery County Council to fully fund Montgomery County's fair elections program.

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    Paid Sick Days in Montgomery County

    This summer, Montgomery County will take up legislation requiring employers in Montgomery County to offer Paid Sick Leave to their employees. This bill will give thousands of workers the right to take a day off when they are sick without risking job loss or losing income.

    We have an opportunity to pass this legislation in Montgomery County and it will take strong grassroots support in order to make sure that Montgomery County Council Bill 60-14 passes! 

    Click here to read the legislation.

    Click here for important facts behind the bill.




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