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    Elections have dire consequences. As we have seen in Maryland's 2014 cycle, when people stay home we lose. We don't only lose the election, but we lose out on funding for education, critical investments in public transit, and on policies that can better the conditions of the working class. In 2018, we must be prepared to take our state back in the right direction and that fight does not start a year out from the election, it must begin today!

    This year we face a critical election for the Presidency, an open Senate seat, the House of Representatives, and local offices in Baltimore city. In this Presidential cycle we are seeing a rise of hateful forces with the elevation of Donald Trump's campaign. These forces will prevail across the country if we do not vote and encourage our friends, family members, and neighbors to vote.

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    No Trump in MD

    On March 11th in Chicago, the people of that city made a clear statement that they would not allow the rhetoric of hatred and bigotry espoused by the Trump campaign to go unanswered. Thousands of people came together to successfully shut down Trump's scheduled rally in their city. If there were similar efforts in every area where he attempted to hold one of his large rallies we could shut down more of his events. Trump's rallies are a key to his campaign. He has no access to voter data or ability to organize volunteers and voters without them. If we shut them down, then we can make progress to shutting his campaign down.

    Progressive Maryland is therefore calling to the people of our state to help ensure that Trump never stands behind a podium in our state during this election cycle. If there is a Trump rally scheduled in Maryland, or even a nearby jurisdiction, we are calling for people to peacefully protest and disrupt the event in such a way that it is impossible for it to move forward. We hope that our allies and in other states will follow with a similar call to the people of their states, so that Trump's rallies are effectively shut down, and his primary mechanism of organizing is permanently disrupted.

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