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    I signed up to volunteer for Progressive Maryland. Join me!

    Join the Anti-Trump Resistance

    Donald Trump has been elected President and Republicans solidified their control of Congress giving them the ability to fill the vacant Supreme Court seat and shape policy outcomes for generations.

    We have to fight back!

    As conservatives consolidate power at the state and local levels, our hopes of advancing a progressive agenda are dwindling. But we won't sit idly by and watch it happen. 

    Will you join the anti-Trump resistance?

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    Bernie or Bust

    Pledge to Vote in Maryland's Primary

    301 votes

    In the last primary, less than 22% of eligible Marylanders turned out to vote with an even lower rate among progressives. We can build a political movement that stands for social, economic, and racial justice but we must first begin to participate in our democracy.

    Will you pledge to vote for progressive values in the April 26th primary? Submit your pledge below! 


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