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    Sign the petition: Police Accountability in 2016

    Demand Police Accountability in 2016

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    Reclaim MLK Rally & Die-In

    The protests that followed the killing of Freddie Gray are a direct result of current policies that restrict transparency in the way police departments operate and address misconduct, damaging the relationship between them and the communities they serve.  Law enforcement officers occupy unique positions of power in our society–a necessity to ensure public safety–but also devastating when abused. There have been far too many instances of officer misconduct throughout Maryland. It’s time to take critical action to rein in the abuse of police power and rebuild communities' trust.

    Maryland is one of many states fighting for sensible police reforms that protect the public and officers alike. Community actions across the state have pressured the legislature to seek measures to increase police accountability. Current laws make reporting misconduct difficult and provide little to no transparency for the public into how these complaints are handled.  

    Progressive Maryland, as part of the Maryland Coalition for Justice and Police Accountability–a coalition of activists, faith-based, nonprofit, and civic organizations–has introduced a legislative package to achieve meaningful police reforms that will protect the public, protect law-abiding officers, and rebuild trust between law enforcement and communities by:  

    • Making filing complaints regarding officer misconduct easy and accessible.

    • Increasing transparency by making department policies accessible to the public.

    • Creating an independent police training commission consisting of law enforcement professionals and experts to develop and implement best practices in policing and disciplinary procedures.

    • Implementing anti-discrimination training, de-escalation training, and modernizing recruitment to increase department diversity.

    • Developing a uniform certification process that ensures officers are well-trained.

    • Ensuring the protection of police officers who report police misconduct.

    • Supporting mental health evaluations for officers following any traumatic event and establishing a confidential mental health hotline for officers.

    • Implementing best practices for community policing, increasing state funding for community policing programs, and providing incentives for officers to live and work in their own communities.

    Take a stand along with other Maryland residents to demand the General Assembly pass meaningful police accountability legislation.


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    I Just made a donation to Progressive Maryland and you should too #SummerofProgress


    By donating to Progressive Maryland, you are helping to support true grassroots change in Maryland. Your financial support enables us to afford staff and other resources to grow the progressive movement in Maryland. If you support good living wage jobs, well-funded schools, and protecting the civil rights of every Marylander then you are making the right choice.

    Thank you for your support and we look forward to your involvement in making our state a better place.

    If you would like to become a monthly contributor to Progressive Maryland, you can sign up by clicking here.


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    Love the idea.

    Will you support creating a Progressive Maryland chapter in Prince George's County?

    Progressive Maryland is beginning the process of building a member lead local chapter in Prince George's County. Prince George's is a county with huge potential, that has far too often been stained by government corruption, less than high-quality schools, and a continuing foreclosure crises to name a few things. However, Prince George's is on the brink of great change. In order to ensure that this change is driven by the needs of the community and the environment, we need to build a strong grassroots organization to empower the people of our communities.

    We must build a Prince George's County that empowers its people with living wage jobs, that protects its environment, that values the lives of communities of color, and ensures equity for all. We cannot do this in silos, we must work together in a grassroots democratic alliance that works to produce true systemic change for our community.

    Let us know if you are on board with the idea of building a Progressive Prince George's by endorsing below!


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