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    Take Action Anne Arundel County

    17264296_257764794673751_2715961262720390095_n.jpgWhat We Do
    Take Action Anne Arundel County fights for social, racial, economic and environmental justice in our county and beyond. We support and encourage progressive candidates and legislation, we work to involve the people of our county in the legislative process, and we help the people of Anne Arundel County get their voices heard.

    Where We Meet
    We hold our meetings at 7pm on the third Thursday of each month at Edgewater Community Library. In 2018, we are focused on three strategies: building power in Anne Arundel County through relationships, advocating for state and local legislation that puts people and planet first, and electing candidates who share our progressive values. Chapter meetings will include the following topics. 20170324_232441.jpg
    • Relevant issues of interest to our members
    • County and state legislation
    • Progressive candidates to encourage and support
    • Event planning and coordination
    • Partners/coalitions and their activities and events


    Upcoming Events (click the name to RSVP):

    2018 Legislative Preview with Progressive Maryland

    Our guest speaker is Jennifer Dwyer, Policy and Legislative Coordinator from Progressive Maryland. 

    Progressive Maryland works to improve the lives of working families in our state. Jennifer will highlight wins from the 2017 session and will give an overview of Progressive Maryland's key priorities for the 2018 legislative session.

    Join Take Action AAC for a discussion of which legislative issues we will advocate for during this upcoming state legislative session. There will be plenty of opportunities to rally, lobby, or contact our state legislators. We are looking for volunteers and hope you will join us in making our voices heard.

    Date: Thursday January 18, 2018

    Time: 7:00-8:30 p.m. 

    Location: Edgewater Community Library

    25 Stepneys Lane, Edgewater, MD 21037, 410.222.1538

    We look forward to working together to support positive, progressive change in Anne Arundel County and Maryland. Join us on the third Thursday of each month at Edgewater Community Library. You can also find us on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram. See you there!

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    Maryland for Guaranteed Healthcare

    Many proposals are being put forward on both sides of the aisle, some with better intentions than others. The Maryland for Guaranteed Healthcare campaign is just that - a campaign for guaranteed healthcare. With the strides the ACA has done to improve the healthcare system, there will still remain 30 million Americans uninsured, with many who have insurance still not having needed medical coverage and care. 

    Over the Spring and Summer and into the start of the Fall, our advocacy has been concentrated heavily on preventing up to 23 million Americans from having their medical coverage taken away. Millions of people in our nation rely with their lives on services provided by Medicare, Medicaid, and CHIP. We are demanding our elected officials such as Governor Hogan, Representative Andy Harris, and others to not only oppose ANY healthcare cuts for Maryland, as well as to take a leading position that everyone deserves healthcare and supporting policy solutions that make that goal a reality. By fighting for Medicare (and all federal programs of equal importance), we are retaining the system that will help us fight for Medicare for ALL!

    Find contact information for Governor Hogan and Rep. Andy Harris HERE

    See our Healthcare Events Calendar HERE

    Let us know how your call to your elected official went!

    Share your healthcare story with us!

    Health Care Professionals' Sign-On Letter for Children's Health

    In her Letter to the Editor to Delmarva Now, Vice President of the Lower Shore Progressive Caucus Whitney Palmer writes, 

    "Throughout the state, Marylanders have benefited from Medicaid expansion; conservative numbers state 291,000 individuals have gained coverage — and the majority live in rural areas. Our health care system has high administrative costs and the cost of care is set by profit motives. Insurance and pharmaceutical companies prioritize corporate profits over the health of Americans — and treat health care as a commodity.

    Health care is a human right and moral issue, not a commodity. Our goal should be to provide more and higher quality care to Americans, especially access to mental health services. We at Progressive Maryland believe that should take the form of a single-payer, Medicare-for-all system. A single-payer system will result in savings of [hundreds of billions of dollars annually].

    When physicians can focus on people’s health instead of bureaucracy or creating a plan based on a person’s ability to pay, they can address health needs and prioritize prevention. Additionally, people will no longer declare bankruptcy because of medical bills. Fewer people will die.

    It is time for the United States to prioritize people over profits and join the rest of the world with Medicare for All."

    Join us as an advocate and to show your support for Guaranteed Healthcare for Maryland!

    Let us know how you'd like to get more involved below!

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    @Progressive_MD and @MD4guaranteedHC!


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    Join us in standing up for the healthcare of Marylanders!


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    Progressive Maryland believes in the well-being, health and quality of life for every Maryland resident. Rich or poor, young or old, employed or unemployed. We believe that healthcare is a human right, and that giving tax breaks to the rich while everyone else suffers is disastrous for us all.

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