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    Sign the petition: Demand Governor Hogan, Hold a Public Townhall to Reveal His Views on Trump's policies #WheresHogan

    Demand Governor Hogan, Hold a Public Townhall to Reveal His Views on Trump's policies

    The letter below written by Nienke Grossman was sent to Governor Larry Hogan on February 3rd, and posted in the Baltimore Sun. Since then, hundreds of Marylanders have signed on, demanding that Governor Hogan tell us where he stands on policies of the Trump administration as they relate to our state and its people. Read it, then sign on below.

    2,385 signatures

    Dear Governor Hogan:

    We are Maryland voters who care deeply about the present and future of our state. We hail from all over Maryland, and we have made thousands of phone calls to your office in the last several weeks seeking your views on a wide range of issues. We are still waiting for your answers.

    As you know, hundreds of thousands of Marylanders may lose their health care and many more risk the loss of important benefits, such as the elimination of lifetime maximums, as a result of the repeal of the Affordable Care Act.  We are unable to support refugees fleeing death and destruction as a result of the president’s action, and the federal government is threatening to deputize our local law enforcement for the purposes of enforcing immigration law rather than our own criminal laws and to take away funding from sanctuary cities. Our Jewish Community Centers, mosques, churches and public schools have become targets of hateful speech and acts. Also, recent news reports suggest that the new administration may reduce funds for women’s health care and domestic violence shelters, which provide care and refuge to the most vulnerable among us.

    You are our governor. We voted you into office, yet we feel our concerns are being ignored. We deserve to know how you propose to address these issues. What are you going to do about the impending health care crisis in Maryland? What are you doing to help ensure that Maryland continues to be a welcoming place for immigrants and people fleeing from violence and persecution? What do you propose to keep our houses of worship and our schools safe from hate? What do you propose to ensure access to basic women’s health care services and to minimize the harm to victims of domestic violence in the wake of reduced federal funding to shelters?

    Because our phone calls have gone unheeded and many of our Facebook posts have been deleted and blocked, we request that you announce and hold an open town hall meeting to share with us your concrete policy proposals on health care coverage, your views on immigration, and how you will show leadership in response to the uptick in hateful acts in our state and the potential defunding of domestic violence shelters and resources.

    We want to work with you to make Maryland the best state that it can possibly be and to help Maryland rise to the challenges that it will face in the years to come. We need to know where you stand, and we want you to know that we are motivated, we are concerned, and we are not going away.

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    Sign the petition: No To Bus Cuts! Yes To Funding!

    No To Bus Cuts! Yes To Funding!

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    There are several WMATA bus routes that are on the chopping block and the majority of the routes operate in the county:

    B30: BWI Airport-Greenbelt Metro Station

    P17, P19: Ft. Washington-Farragut Square
    P18: Ft. Washington-Southern Ave. Metro Station
    W13: Friendly/Ft. Washington-Farragut Square
    W14: Friendly/Ft. Washington-Southern Ave. Metro Station
    W19: Indian Head-Southern Ave. Metro Station

    Many of the proposed cuts are in the Ft. Washington/MGM area and with major traffic and commercial and residential growth in the area, it is critical not to slash the routes as they serve as an alternative to driving. Many riders of these routes park and ride reducing vehicles in a heavy traffic area. Bus service is already slim to none in these areas, so the elimination of these routes will leave a major void in an area that needs to keep and eventually increase bus service; not eliminate it.
    Also on the chopping block is route B30; which serves between the Greenbelt Metro Station and BWI Airport seven days a week. Many depend on this service not only for flights but to work at the airport and to connect to local MTA routes. This route also should remain as an alternative to the MARC service in case of rail issues and for those closer to the B30 route. Eliminating this service would lead to a major loss that serves as a connector for many. This route must be treated as a regional route instead of a local route. 
    Although the routes may not be in your area, this is a county wide issue as many use these services to travel throughout the county. At a time where the goals are economic development and improved connectivity are top priorities, this is a time to continue to move forward, not backward.



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    I would enthusiastically support Progressive Maryland efforts to (a) develop Maryland trade policiesy that serve the well-being of workers, their families, other disadvantaged groups and the environment both in our state and in developing countries and (b) reducing Maryland’s economic reliance on war preparation (i.e., the preponderance of military- and defense-oriented industry).

    Will you support creating a Progressive Maryland chapter in Prince George's County?

    Progressive Maryland is beginning the process of building a member lead local chapter in Prince George's County. Prince George's is a county with huge potential, that has far too often been stained by government corruption, less than high-quality schools, and a continuing foreclosure crises to name a few things. However, Prince George's is on the brink of great change. In order to ensure that this change is driven by the needs of the community and the environment, we need to build a strong grassroots organization to empower the people of our communities.

    We must build a Prince George's County that empowers its people with living wage jobs, that protects its environment, that values the lives of communities of color, and ensures equity for all. We cannot do this in silos, we must work together in a grassroots democratic alliance that works to produce true systemic change for our community.

    Let us know if you are on board with the idea of building a Progressive Prince George's by endorsing below!


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