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  • I'm Thankful for Medicare and Medicaid!

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    The richest households and big multinational corporations that offshore profits and jobs will get a virtual cornucopia of tax breaks and perks on the House and Senate Republican tax bills.  Over 70% of the tax breaks in each bill go to big corporations in the form of lower taxes on foreign profits, a lower corporate tax rate and other benefits.

     cashcornocopia.jpgTo pay for these big tax breaks for corporations, CEOs and shareholders, Republicans plan to carve up health care and public services that our families depend on every day.  The Republican plan already calls for slashing $1 trillion from Medicaid, nearly $500 billion Medicare and, now, for repealing a key part of the ACA that would add 13 million people to the rolls of the uninsured.



    Repealing the ACA has already failed multiple times in Congress, but Senate Republicans have put it back on the menu in order to pay to a permanent tax reduction for corporation from 35% down to 20%. The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) estimates that coverage losses under this proposal would raise the rate of uninsured people from 11% to 16%, increase premiums for about 7 million middle class people by about 10%, and lead to even more instability in insurance markets.  

    Corporate tax giveaways will give high-income households and CEOs a lot to celebrate this Thanksgiving. The Tax Policy Center estimates that by 2027 these corporate tax cuts would provide a $14,890 tax break for households with incomes over $1 million and $94,540 for households in the top 0.1 percent (those with incomes over $3.1 million in 2017).

    While corporations and the wealthy will be gorging themselves on a veritable feast of tax cuts, the rest of us will have little to grateful for under these proposals. Middle-income families would get paltry leftovers—about $120--from these tax cuts in the Senate bill. Many middle class people will actually see their taxes increase because the plan will take away key deductions like the State and Local Tax Deduction (SALT), key education and tuition deductions and exemptions, the medical expense deduction and many others that lower middle class families’ tax bills.

    Poor people, people with disabilities, seniors and low-income workers would lose the most under these proposals as Medicaid, Medicare, SNAP, Pell Grants, housing, transportation and virtually every other service they depend on will be cut, starving our communities, families and neighbors, to pay for these massive tax giveaways.




    Don't forget to call Governor Hogan and Rep. Harris to oppose cuts to healthcare! 

    Their contact information can be found HERE!

    Tell us who you called and how it went by filling out our survey here!


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    Join the Anti-Trump Resistance

    Donald Trump has been elected President and Republicans solidified their control of Congress giving them the ability to fill the vacant Supreme Court seat and shape policy outcomes for generations.

    We have to fight back!

    As conservatives consolidate power at the state and local levels, our hopes of advancing a progressive agenda are dwindling. But we won't sit idly by and watch it happen. 

    Will you join the anti-Trump resistance?

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  • Fight for Medicare TODAY, so we can have Medicare for ALL TOMORROW!

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    Many proposals are being put forward on both sides of the aisle, some with better intentions than others. The Maryland for Guaranteed Healthcare campaign is just that - a campaign for guaranteed healthcare. With the strides the ACA has done to improve the healthcare system, there will still remain 30 million Americans uninsured, with many who have insurance still not having needed medical coverage and care. 

    In the immediate short-term, our advocacy has been concentrated heavily on preventing up to 23 million Americans from having their medical coverage taken away. Millions of people in our nation rely with their lives on services provided by Medicare, Medicaid, and CHIP. We are demanding our elected officials such as Governor Hogan, Representative Andy Harris, and others to not only oppose ANY healthcare cuts for Maryland, as well as to take a leading position that everyone deserves healthcare and supporting policy solutions that make that goal a reality. By fighting for Medicare (and all federal programs of equal importance) today, we are retaining the system that will help us fight for Medicare for ALL, tomorrow.

    In her Letter to the Editor to Delmarva Now, Vice President of the Lower Shore Progressive Caucus Whitney Palmer writes, 

    "Throughout the state, Marylanders have benefited from Medicaid expansion; conservative numbers state 291,000 individuals have gained coverage — and the majority live in rural areas. Our health care system has high administrative costs and the cost of care is set by profit motives. Insurance and pharmaceutical companies prioritize corporate profits over the health of Americans — and treat health care as a commodity.

    Health care is a human right and moral issue, not a commodity. Our goal should be to provide more and higher quality care to Americans, especially access to mental health services. We at Progressive Maryland believe that should take the form of a single-payer, Medicare-for-all system. A single-payer system will result in savings of [hundreds of billions of dollars annually].

    When physicians can focus on people’s health instead of bureaucracy or creating a plan based on a person’s ability to pay, they can address health needs and prioritize prevention. Additionally, people will no longer declare bankruptcy because of medical bills. Fewer people will die.

    It is time for the United States to prioritize people over profits and join the rest of the world with Medicare for All."

    Please sign our Petition if you agree!



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