Progressive Maryland Weekly Memo for Monday, December 5, 2022

memo_logo.pngMaryland progressives:


We want to make the most of 2023 and the opportunity we have to build state and local power! We’ll be sharing our full legislative agenda for the upcoming session with you soon. No matter what, we know that we need more power to forge a more inclusive, just, and healthy Maryland. Specifically, by growing our numbers we have a better chance of winning the funding we need for: our public schools, expanded healthcare services, and environmental protection. Organized people are the best way to gain relief and a stronger voice for working-class Marylanders and everyone who needs affordable housing and greater economic security.


In short, we need an organizing revival and we hope that you’re here for it!


There are lots of ways to get involved, starting with a conversation with one of our volunteer leaders or staff. If you already know someone on the PM team gives us a call or send a text today and we’ll set up a time to talk. Or simply fill out this form.


People-powered organizing is picking up steam across the country! Some examples include the voters and volunteers who are mobilizing in Georgia for the special run-off U.S. Senate election tomorrow, the workers who are organizing unions across the country, the activists who are demanding that we keep our democracy safe, and tenants everywhere, including in our state, who are organizing to stop holiday evictions and rent increases.  


Be a part of it! 





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Protecting MD gun regs from judicial overreach; women candidates win big; tuning up the Blueprint. News You Can Use

News_You_Can_Use_graphic_(2).pngMaryland legislators have better-than-average state gun safety regulations in place, but free-lance Second Amendment types may hope to get the Trump-addled Supreme Court to overturn them. So the Assembly will work to make them, er, bullet-proof against judicial meddling and make Marylanders safer.

The very expensive and very necessary package of public school enhancements called the Blueprint for Maryland's Future is getting some tweaks from an oversight board before being put into play. The General Assembly is being invited to take a look at some changes.

Women candidates won new gains in Maryland -- and the rest of the nation -- in the November elections. As we see, it was not accidental.


And more progressive News You Can Use for Monday, December 5, 2022. Read on.


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Progressive Maryland Calls on Congress to Pass the MAT Act.

Progressive Maryland joined People’s Action and nearly 200 organizations to issue a letter urging Congress to pass the bipartisan Mainstreaming Addiction Treatment (MAT) Act by the end of the year. If passed, the MAT Act would prevent overdoses, increase access to treatment, and reduce stigma by removing federal rules that prevent healthcare providers from prescribing a lifesaving medication for opioid use disorder.

The U.S. House of Representatives passed the MAT Act in June of this year as part of the Restoring Hope for Mental Health and Well-Being Act of 2022. The package passed with near-unanimous bipartisan support (402-20). We are pushing for it to be included in the end of year omnibus spending bill. 

Since 1997, the United States has lost more than one million people to drug overdoses. More than 108,000 of those deaths occurred in 2021 alone. If nothing changes, we are projected to lose one million more people to drug overdose by 2030. Each person lost to the overdose crisis leaves behind loved ones - children without a parent, lost siblings, friends, and community members. 

Overdose deaths are preventable through evidence-based treatment, including medications for opioid use disorder that prevent withdrawal symptoms and stem cravings. By passing the MAT Act, Congress can prevent future deaths and help people with substance use disorder secure recovery.

You may view the full letter here.


Progressive Maryland Weekly Memo for Monday, November 28, 2022

memo_logo.pngWe’re in touch this week with the deep gratitude we feel for our members, volunteers, supporters and leaders. We give thanks to you for being a part of Progressive Maryland, following our accomplishments, and investing in our work. As the holiday season begins to take off, now is the perfect time to take a breath and reflect on the true meaning of this season–giving. All of you have helped us make this a milestone election year in our state. We want to continue building on our accomplishments and, with your help, we can greatly extend our achievements. We ask that you support our organization this giving season as we’ll be spending the rest of the year planning our advocacy work for the upcoming legislative session, mapping out our powerbuilding efforts, talking to allies, and getting ready for events like our annual Membership meeting on January 28. Find out the depth and richness of our work in our Memo. Read on.







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News You Can Use -- and Progressive Maryland power-building you can enable

News_You_Can_Use_graphic_(2).pngNews You Can Use for a slow week between one holiday and the next. Keep your footing for Giving Tuesday, and consider if you like your fresh water to stay fresh, how guaranteed income is working out in Charm City, how SWAT teams for voter fraud flopped, and Congress with one eye on the calendar more than ever.




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We're Grateful For You 🍁🧡

We are filled with gratitude for your support of Progressive Maryland and the work we are doing to build power for working families.

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Progressive Maryland Weekly Memo for Monday, November 21, 2022


We’re in touch this week with the deep gratitude we feel for our members, volunteers, supporters and leaders. All of you have helped us make the most of this critical election year! We’ll be spending the rest of 2022 planning our work for the upcoming legislative session, our annual Membership meeting and other important events. Thank you for all of your involvement and the ways in which you inspire us. We appreciate all of our affiliates and partners, too, who have helped us build more grassroots power this year. 


We’d also like to use this week’s opening message to express our sorrow and outrage about the deadly attack on LGBTQ folks who were gathered at Club Q in Colorado Springs this past weekend. The patrons were gathered to see a drag show on the eve of Transgender Day of Remembrance. Our hearts go out to everyone who was there, to those who are injured and recovering, to the queer community in Colorado, and all the families and friends who lost someone dear to them.

In this Memo: News about our election wins; about task forces and chapters around the state; a roundup of News you can Use, and catalog of recent blog posts. Read on...


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State, national Dems and progressives continue to smile... news you can use

News_You_Can_Use_graphic_(2).pngIn Maryland, elections continue to break glad for Democrats and in fact around the country (some counties still counting, tho)... Hogan's signature superhighways (with tolls) will be at the mercy of a new all-Dem Board of Public Works... Maryland's schools are so-so in the national ratings but forging ahead on reform with both state and federal financial backup... Maryland's state workers are at an all-time low across state agencies; a good way to save money? ... at the national level, health care and housing continue to be top priorities for working families. It's all in News You Can Use. Read on....

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2022 General Election Wins!

Progressive Maryland is incredibly proud to have many wins with candidates they endorsed this 2022 General Election. 

The full list of Progressive Maryland's 47 winning endorsed candidates are as follows:

Ballot Measures

  • Cannabis Legalization 

Executive Offices

  • Wes Moore, Governor
  • Anthony Brown, Attorney General
  • Brooke Lierman, Comptroller

State Senate 

  • Karen Lewis Young, District 3
  • Clarence Lam, District 12
  • Brian Feldman, District 15
  • Susan Lee, District 16
  • Jim Rosapepe, District 21
  • Dawn Gile, District 33
  • Mary Washington, District 43 

State House of Delegates 

  • Jennifer White, District 10
  • Dana Stein, District 11
  • Pamela Queen, District 14
  • David Fraser-Hidalgo, District 15
  • Linda Foley, District 15
  • Joe Vogel, District 17
  • Julie Palakovich Carr, District 17
  • Emily Shetty, District 18
  • Bonnie Cullison, District 19
  • Vaughn Stewart, District 19
  • David Moon, District 20
  • Lorig Charkoudian, District 20
  • Alonzo Washington, District 22
  • Adrian Boafo, District 23
  • Jazz Lewis, District 24
  • Jamila Woods, District 26
  • Gabe Acevero, District 39
  • Leslie Lopez, District 39
  • Samuel Rosenberg, District 41
  • Eric Ebersole, District 44a
  • Sheila Ruth, District 44b
  • Aleithia McCaskill, District 44b
  • Mark Edelson, District 46
  • Diana Fennell, District 47a

Local Races

  • Jacob Bennett, Harford County Council District F
  • Marc Elrich, Montgomery County Executive 
  • Laurie-Anne Sayles, Montgomery County Council At-Large
  • Will Jawando, Montgomery County Council At-Large
  • Kate Stewart, Montgomery County Council District 4
  • Natali Fani-Gonzalez, Montgomery County Council District 6
  • Grace Rivera-Oven, Montgomery County Board of Education District 1
  • Eric Olson, PG County Council District 3
  • Wala Blegay, PG County Council District 6
  • Krystal Oriadha, PG County Council District 7
  • Edward Burroughs III, PG County Council District 8
  • Jonathan Briggs, PG County Board of Education District 2
  • Branndon Jackson, PG County Board of Education District 6

Progressive Maryland Statement Against Recent, Local Antisemitic Graffiti

Antisemitism is rising globally. We are seeing this in mainstream media with prominent figures such as Elon Musk, who recently tweeted out a picture of a Nazi soldier with the caption “how times have changed”. This builds into an existing pattern of his, citing back to earlier this year when he tweeted out a picture of Hitler declaring admiration for his budget, which involved millions of dollars to execute the “Final Solution”, resulting in the deliberate genocide of six million Jewish people. 

We are also seeing it attack our local communities.

Bethesda Trolley Trail and Tuckerman Lane in Montgomery County were vandalized overnight with extremist antisemitic graffiti calling for violence against Jewish Marylanders. This isn’t the first time antisemitic rhetoric has been graffitied on Bethesda Trolley Trail or in the wider Maryland. “White Power” and “1488” were similary spraypainted in red on the trail in August of this year. 

Marc Elrich, Montgomery County Executive, said in a statement this morning that “...we must combat these tragic and despicable incidents through unity in every neighborhood and community throughout the County. We are one of the most diverse jurisdictions anywhere in the world and now is a time when we need to use it to make us stronger. We must support and uplift our Jewish community during this time and we must continue to not tolerate hate in any form in Montgomery County, the state of Maryland and in this nation.” 

At the current time, no one has been arrested for this hate crime. 

Now is the time to stand with Jewish Marylanders, and to educate yourself on antisemitism and dogwhistles when they appear. The graffiti included swastikas, white power symbols, and the numbers 1488 and 133. Notably, 1488 is a numerical neo-Nazi dogwhistles that joins the “14 words”, a white supremacist slogan “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children” coined by David Lane, combined with “88”, which refers to the eighth letter in the alphabet, “H”. “88” means “HH”, or Heil Hitler. “131” refers to “NSC-131”, a neo-Nazi and white-supremacist group known as the Nationalist Socialist Club that has chapters throughout New England. Being able to recognize antisemitism when it occurs is essential to holding your community accountable on a local and large scale. 

Progressive Maryland stands in solidarity with Jewish Marylanders. Swift action was taken to remove the graffiti, but that cannot be where our effort ends. There is so much more work to be done to ensure the safety of our Jewish community in Maryland. We must support and uplift the greater Jewish community in Maryland during this time, and continue to be intolerant of hate and antisemitic violence on a wider scale.