15 Minimum Wage

$15 Minimum Wage 

The Maryland General Assembly passed a bill (and overrode Hogan's Veto) that puts Maryland on a path to reach a $15-per-hour minimum wage by 2025.

Pamela Wood in the Sun does a great wrap, including the timetable for forcing the governor to act on the bill – veto or not – in time for the Assembly to override a possible veto in this session.

Progressive forces didn’t get everything we wanted in this bill, as Larry Stafford, Progressive Maryland’s executive director, pointsPM_Logo.png out in the article. "It's not perfect, but we got a victory," Stafford said. At the end, the House pushed back on the Senate’s attempt to string out the raise for businesses under 15 employees (that’s three-quarters of all Maryland businesses) and shortened the timetable for that.

Probably the biggest gaps in the new bill are leaving tipped workers behind (to earn as little as $3.63 an hour plus what luck brings them), carving out agricultural and youth workers, and failing to include automatic indexing based on the cost of living after $15 is reached. That means fighting the same fight all over again in 2025.

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