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Progressive Maryland membership dues are $10 per month. As a Progressive Maryland member you are part of a community that fights to redistribute political power to all people. Together we have a collective voice to speak our shared values of ending structural racism, oppression, classism, sexism, mass incarceration and deportation.

Together we endorse and support candidates and policies that ensure everyone’s right to quality education, health care, a livable environment, housing, safety and justice, regardless of economic background, immigration status, gender or ethnicity.

Why your membership matters.

Membership directly impacts our economic and political independence. Progressive Maryland can be flexible, nimble and take risks with our work because we’re accountable to our members and not corporate donors.  We’re able to fight to transform the politics in Maryland and build independent political power for our communities.

Membership dues allow us to not be beholden to large money donations or corporations and allows members to have a say in the candidates we support, the issues we fight for and the momentum of our community.

Membership Benefits and Resources.



Members have a voice in Progressive Maryland!

  • Members vote and/or run for the Board of Directors.
  • Members can take active volunteer roles on political campaigns.
  • Members engage in county chapter meetings.
  • Members participate in and shape Progressive Maryland task forces.

Progressive Maryland members have access to:

  • A community of proactive members who support your political values
  • Organizing, training and leadership development from a nationally supported network
  • Political education resources


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