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A Conversation with Del. Ana Sol Gutierrez

A series of conversations with elected officials kicks off with Hal Ginsberg's interview of Del. Ana Sol Gutierrez, representing Dist. 18 in Montgomery County. Continue reading

Hogan administration backsliding on clean air

Years of progress on cleaning Maryland's power plant emissions are being reversed by the Hogan administration, as the Sierra Club's Seth Bush reports here. Continue reading

Affordable Housing: The Bitterest Angle -- and a Possible Fix

A pending court case in Idaho could push back against the savage local laws criminalizing homelessness and pushing the unhoused further into hopelessness -- a post from the excellent blog, Maryland Scramble Continue reading

What's New in Progressive Maryland Blogs

NEW ON THIS INFO CROSSROADS are fresh blogs on the crisis in affordable housing in Maryland and on not being smug about the frantic GOP scrum for the presidential nomination: How good is the progressive bench; where are tomorrow's progressive candidates? Earlier posts include SCOTUS critiques, the bad trade bills, the unending battle against racism, business influence in both of Maryland's parties and more... all available; just scroll down below...

Maryland is top-10 problem in US affordable housing crisis

The U.S. is experiencing a major housing crisis that has largely been ignored, and Maryland ranks 7th for highest housing costs and is in need of urgent solutions.   Continue reading

GOP clown show masks thin progressive bench

The crowded podium at the GOP presidential debates reflects not just their confusion but our progressive movement leadership's relative lack of youth and diversity Continue reading

”Original” intent aims to retain society’s outdated biases

Recent behavior of the Supreme Court's conservative wing shows the persistent danger to the concept of equal protection... Continue reading

Keep up momentum on Maryland's success on climate

A hearing in Prince George's Aug. 6 offers a chance to persuade officials that Maryland's Climate Plan deserves renewal and support Continue reading

Getting to nonpartisan redistricting – without getting ambushed by the political calendar

Maryland's partisan, flawed system of drawing electoral districts can be shifted to one that's a national standard. But many interests compete to keep the status quo and a tricky political calendar before 2020 has to be navigated. Continue reading

Maryland still needs Equality Maryland

Alarming news came recently when Equality Maryland announced that it may have to scale back or cease operations as funding fell following the Supreme Court marriage equality victory last month. Alarming, because Equality Maryland’s work isn’t done—it still has a profoundly important mission Continue reading