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Refugees Should Be Welcomed in Maryland

Gov. Larry Hogan has fallen in line with other GOP governors in seeking to keep Syrian refugees out of our state. He is not speaking for the majority of Marylanders, who recognize need when they see it. Justin Vest makes the case for a reversal of the Governor's bad decision. Continue reading

Development Without Displacement

Stanford Fraser shows that "Prince George’s County has the unprecedented opportunity to accomplish something far more extraordinary in local government -- incentivizing economic development without displacing citizens." Continue reading

The Ways Lives Matter: Elizabeth Warren’s History Lesson

"History often speaks in riddles," Hal Ginsberg argues. "Here, as Sen. Warren accurately relates, it issues a clarion call that when the federal government is dedicated to full employment, high marginal tax rates, cheap education, affordable housing, and increased access to health care, American families – white and black – in the millions do achieve the American dream.  We do even better when the government extends its commitment from economic to racial justice." Continue reading

Saturday: A Climate Expo in Suitland

Lots of information about how Maryland can deal with climate change, including political action and green jobs -- this Saturday in Suitland. Continue reading

TPP is Still a Bad Deal and Worth Opposing

Hal Ginsberg argues "Economic inequality and climate change are the defining challenges of 2015.   The rapid rise of international trade over the past twenty years has significantly exacerbated both. It is almost certain that any multi-lateral trade agreement, no matter how well-crafted, would continue these damaging trends." Continue reading

'Angry Voters' are Nothing New: Check your History

The "Angry Voters" of 2016 are a fixture of electoral politics for the last half-century and more. The reasons for their anger are nothing new either. Continue reading

Prince Georgians need paid sick leave

Issues of economic inequality, low-wage work and family health are all connected in the county's pending bill on earned sick leave -- a fight we must win Continue reading

Obama's contradictory talk, action on environment

The president's fine words on climate change are an odd mix with his open door for Shell's deep-drilling exploitation of the threatened Arctic Continue reading

Voting Rights Act Turns 50; GOP candidates avert their eyes

AS the Voting Rights Act turns 50, the GOP presidential candidates chatter about trivia and pass up a chance to broaden their base -- maybe fatally. Continue reading

Congress and the Iran Deal: An Embarrassment

The depressing prospects as Congress fulminates over a hard-forged nuclear deal with Iran are an embarrassing moment of US political lameness in the international spotlight. Continue reading