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Slow, steady progress toward a secular set of state laws

Activists report on the slow, steady lobbying work in this year's General Assembly session of making state laws and practices neutral toward religious faith -- or lack of it. A report card from the Secular Coalition for Maryland. Continue reading

Orlando --Can we turn our anguish and grief into action?

The hate crime that cost 49 lives in Orlando highlights gains activists have recently made in human rights and the backlash, exploited by politicians, that shadows the gains and requires further struggle. Continue reading

Progressive Maryland Weekly Memo for Monday, June 20

Immediate news is tomorrow night's Montgomery County Council hearing on a push for a $15 minimum wage and a raise for tipped workers as well. All the info you need to make yourself heard is here -- plus, how to get email notifications of the PM BlogSpace weekly memo. Continue reading

Howard County voters can choose public financing for elections in November

Howard County can become the second Maryland county to choose limited public financing for elections and begin to get the influence of big money out of local elections. Voters can opt for fair elections on the November ballot. Continue reading

Progressive Maryland Weekly Memo for June 16: Fight for Fifteen!

Coming up this week: pointing toward the June 21 Montgomery County Council meeting and the push to include tipped workers in the Fight for Fifteen, a $15/hr minimum wage. Plus links to recent blog posts. Continue reading

Pride, Solidarity, and Resistance in the Wake of Orlando Shooting

At a time when pride about advances in tolerance and access for all, regardless of sexuality, should be our emotion we are instead crushed by the heartbreaking mass shooting in Orlando. Continue reading

REMINDER: Progressive Prince George's meets Thursday night with diverse agenda

Criminal justice, the zoning rewrite, neighborhood intrusions by Walmart, environmental justice and county government are some of the agenda items at Thursday night's Progressive Prince George's meeting. Continue reading

Important meetings tonight and Thursday -- Progressive Maryland's Weekly Memo

Tonight Progressive Montgomery members will organize for the Fight for Fifteen in Montgomery County; Thursday Progressive Prince George's members set an agenda for making a difference in the county. Continue reading


New rules proposed by the Consumer Financial Protection Board handcuff predatory lenders who made short-term loans that couldn't be repaid and had to be rolled over. That's the sleazy business model that made these predators huge profits at the expense of working families. Continue reading

Local clean energy brings social justice forward

A community solar advocate describes Maryland's new availability, through recent state law and Public Service Commission regulation, of low-cost home solar power for many households for which it was previously out of reach. Continue reading