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There Are Better Ways to Select Election Winners

By Mathew Goldstein:   There are currently five declared Democratic Party candidates for each of Maryland's 4th and 8th Congressional Districts and twelve Republican Party candidates for president.  We can expect more candidates to announce soon for these and other competitive primary elections.  The way we in the USA usually select a winner in such multi-candidate, single winner contests is unlikely to select the most popular candidate.  There are alternatives methods for electing candidates that more accurately reflect the electorate's preferences. Continue reading

A Continued Misunderstanding of Evolution

By Matthew Snider: Evolution has become such a familiar term for politicians looking to explain their calculating switch on gay marriage that it’s begun to lose any meaning. Biological evolution has long confounded Republican politicians from Mike Huckabee to George W. Bush. Now it seems personal or social evolution is too difficult to grasp, as well. Continue reading

Walmart Fight

By Larry Stafford: Today I joined with hundreds of community members in Prince George's County to stand against the proposed Walmart at the Duval Village Shopping Center located in Bowie Maryland. Check out photos from our protest at the Prince George's County Council building. Stay tuned for updates as the situation develops. .

Montgomery County Needs A Strong Paid Sick Leave Bill

By Justin Vest: Montgomery County is poised to join a growing number of US jurisdictions requiring paid sick leave for nearly all employees, but the interests of low-paid workers in the bill heading toward passage are endangered by forces trying to weaken it. Continue reading

The TPP and the Post

By Hal Ginsberg: The Washington Post's ongoing jihad against American workers continues with its latest [June 10] unrestrained attack on critics of the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP). Continue reading

Transition to Clean Energy With Groundswell

  On April 22, Groundswell announced their winning wind suppliers and their negotiated prices. This spring, Progressive Maryland is working with Groundswell and their partners Interfaith Power & Light, Chesapeake Climate Action Network, and Power of Wind, as well as others,  to join in a group purchase of clean power for homes and apartments.       Continue reading

Progressive MD Tele-Townhall

Nearly two weeks ago Governor Hogan introduced his budget for FY2016. In it were significant cuts to education, cuts to Medicaid covering low-income pregnant women, reductions in cost of living adjustments for state workers, reduced funding for libraries…the list goes on. It’s unfair to ask those already struggling to figure out a way to get by with less. Especially when others aren’t paying their fair share. We build a Maryland that works for all of us when everyone pays their fair share.  Continue reading

Pay2Play Movie Screening in Silver Spring

On November 17th, Progressive Maryland and the Fair Elections Maryland Coalition hosted a panel discussion and movie screening for the documentary Pay2Play, in Silver Spring. Thank you to our panelists Delegate Eric Luedtke, Delegate Heather Mizeur, Congressman John Sarbanes, and Councilman Phil Andrews for your participation and work on this important issue. Continue reading