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    Maryland for Guaranteed Healthcare

    Join us as an advocate and to show your support for Guaranteed Healthcare for Maryland!

    Let us know how you'd like to get more involved below!

    Also, make sure to follow us on social media on Facebook and on Twitter @MD4guaranteedHC for updates!

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  • MoCo Needs $15

    767 signatures

    FF15_Lights_at_Vigil.jpgThe Montgomery County Council is considering a bill that would raise the county minimum wage to $15/hour by 2020. Help ensure it's a strong bill that protects all workers–no exceptions, no exemptions. 

    Montgomery County is one of the most expensive regions of the country and many workers are being priced out with women and people of color being hardest hit by low wages. Montgomery County should be a place where everyone can afford to live and thrive.

    Please sign to ask the Montgomery County Council to pass a strong minimum wage bill that includes all workers. 

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