Progressive Maryland's 2021 Legislative Agenda


Anti-Racism & Anti-Oppression: 

Progressive Maryland is fighting to end the mass incarceration of people of color in our state. Eliminating the use of cash bail, reducing pretrial detention, drug decriminalization, legalization of marijuana, and access to legal representation regardless of immigration status are all individual reforms that would bring us significantly closer to that goal. 

Revisioning the role of police in our communities is also key. We are advocating for the removal of police from schools, higher standards of transparency and accountability for police, particularly through the repeal of LEOBR, and enhancing safety within our immigrant communities by ending state cooperation with ICE. 


Economic Justice: 

We believe that all workers are entitled to safe workplaces and proper compensation. Passing the Essential Workers Protection Act will provide for our essential workers through this immediate crisis; repairing the broken unemployment insurance system, guaranteed paid sick and family leave for all, anti-discrimination legislation for working moms, and closing loopholes in minimum wage law will benefit workers now and into the future. The Transit Safety & Investment Act and Secure Wages Act would provide reliable transportation for workers, good jobs for transit workers, and convenience for all Marylanders as we enjoy shops and restaurants, supporting our economy on multiple fronts.



For profit healthcare is inherently unjust. We need Medicare for All and we need to stop corporations from suing us over medical debt to pad their millions and billions in profits. We also need greater investment in community health services, including overdose prevention sites. 


Housing Justice Package:

Maryland is one of the most expensive states to live in. In these unprecedented times, we need to stop evictions, foreclosures, and utility shut-offs, provide payment assistance for Marylanders who are behind on rent and mortgages, and ensure that all people who are being threatened with eviction from their homes have legal representation. As we look to the future, we must invest in social housing and ensure that landlords’ screening processes don’t penalize potential tenants through credit checks and other similar mechanisms.


Environmental Justice: 

Black and brown communities deserve the same clean air and water as white communities. The Environmental Human Rights Amendment and ending government subsidies for trash incineration will protect communities of color from predatory land use decisions.


Democracy Reform:

When corporations and the super wealthy fund our elections, our elected officials are more responsive to their donors than everyday Marylanders. We need publicly financed elections for General Assembly races to reduce the outsize influence of big money in our government.



We must override the Governor’s Veto of the Blueprint for Maryland’s Future and increase funding for K-12 education, including funding to expand internet access in low-income communities. At the college level, many of our community college professors and employees are paid barely above minimum wage despite their professional expertise and important role in our society and economy. Granting them access to collective bargaining rights will empower them to fight for fair compensation.


Progressive Taxation:

Corporations and the wealthy benefit financially from police and fire departments, roads and public transit, an educated workforce, and many other services provided by the government. We need to ensure they are paying their fair share of taxes by closing loopholes and raising taxes for multi-millionaires.