The 7/10 Black Workers Center is a newly established initiative that was formed on July 10, 2023. It is a project dedicated to organizing Black workers in Maryland, with a primary focus on Prince George's County. The center aims to advocate for the rights and well-being of Black workers, particularly those who have previously been incarcerated, by challenging local economic development policies that prioritize the interests of wealthy developers and exploitative corporations over the working class.


At the 7/10 Black Workers Center, our mission is to organize and uplift Black workers, particularly those who have been formerly incarcerated, by advocating for equitable local economic development policies that prioritize the needs of working-class people over wealthy developers and exploitative corporations. We employ an integrated organizing approach that addresses racial oppression and class disparities while mobilizing justice-impacted individuals as essential workers who are often excluded from and exploited by the labor market. Through our initiatives, we strive to create thriving communities where every Black worker has access to high-quality employment opportunities, financial stability, and the ability to thrive.

Pre-Apprenticeship Program: As a central component of our project, we have implemented a pre-apprenticeship program in collaboration with labor allies and skilled instructors. This program equips Black workers with the practical skills necessary to compete for skilled labor positions in the construction industry. By creating pathways to high-wage union jobs, we provide a solid foundation for long-term economic stability and empower workers to pursue rewarding careers. Additionally, we actively address exploitative practices prevalent in the low-wage service industry, advocating for fair wages and better working conditions.

Engaging in Participatory Research: To ensure our efforts align with the specific interests and needs of Maryland's Black communities, the 7/10 Black Workers Center engages in participatory research and conducts in-depth studies. By understanding the unique challenges and aspirations of Black workers, we are able to identify strategic actions that positively impact lives and contribute to healthier, more prosperous communities. This research-driven approach allows us to tailor our initiatives and advocacy efforts to create meaningful and sustainable change.

Priorities and Goals: The 7/10 Black Workers Center is committed to several key priorities and goals:

  1. Supporting Returning Residents: We recognize the unique challenges faced by individuals who have been formerly incarcerated. To aid in their successful reentry, the center offers targeted resources, mentorship programs, and skills training to enhance their employment opportunities and overall well-being.

  2. Advocating for Fair Labor Practices: The center strongly believes in promoting fair labor practices for all workers. We actively fight for fair wages, safe working conditions, and equitable opportunities for advancement. By addressing these issues, we strive to create a more just and inclusive working environment for Black workers in Maryland.

  3. Empowering Black Workers: By housing various initiatives under one roof, the center creates an empowering environment for Black workers. We provide a platform for their voices to be heard and work towards dismantling systemic barriers that hinder their progress.

Join and Volunteer: We invite you to join the 7/10 Black Workers Center and be a part of our transformative work. Learn more about volunteer opportunities and how you can contribute your time and skills to support our initiatives. Get involved by filling out the interest form here

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Together, we can build a future where every Black worker has equal opportunities, receives fair compensation, and experiences respect and dignity in the workplace. Stay connected with us for upcoming updates and opportunities to join the Black Workers Center and make a lasting impact in our community.

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