Healthcare Justice Campaign

The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed the existing problems in our health care system like never before. Our healthcare system has produced racial disparities in health outcomes that result in people of color having shorter lifespans and a great number of preventable illnesses. Progressive Maryland's Health Care Task Force fights for health care as a human right as well as a broader public health system that ends racial health disparities. We believe we can have a single payer health system where everyone is covered, we can put an end to medical debt, reduce the cost of prescription drugs, and create policies that help reduce preventable illnesses in our communities.

Past Healthcare Work

MD For Guaranteed Health Care

Progressive Maryland celebrated Medicare's 54th birthday by hosting a Medicare for All Webinar!

Maryland Progressive Healthcare Coalition

Progressive Maryland is a founding member of the Maryland Progressive Healthcare Coalition. They are a grassroots coalition of leaders, focused on the legislative fight for new and improved Medicare for All. They have formed this coalition with the goal to combine efforts with Progressive groups from across Maryland and build power for single payer healthcare both in Maryland and Nationally. 




Point of Contact:
Patty Snee
Healthcare Justice Campaign Lead Organizer
[email protected]