Healthcare Justice Campaign

Progressive Maryland's Health Care Task Force fights for health care as a human right as well as a broader public health system that ends racial health disparities. We believe we can have a single payer health system where everyone is covered, we can put an end to medical debt, reduce the cost of prescription drugs, and create policies that help reduce preventable illnesses in our communities.

Past Healthcare Work

In February 2024, we held a rally in Annapolis to present nine demands to legislators! We were featured on WMARWBALTV, and Maryland Matters for our impactful healthcare rally.

We also Delivered petitions and stories at our Rally in October 2023 at CareFirst Blue Cross Blue Shield offices to tell them we’ve had it with their greed and to put people over profit!

MD For Guaranteed Health Care

Progressive Maryland celebrated Medicare's 54th birthday by hosting a Medicare for All Webinar!

Past Accomplishments:

With our Healthcare Task Force leaders, members, and allies, we have achieved significant milestones:

  • Collected healthcare stories through one-on-one phone conversations and online platforms.
  • Launched our first-ever healthcare issues survey.
  • Conducted lobby meetings with members of our Congressional Delegation, advocating for support of the Inflation Reduction Act and Medicare Expansion.
  • Contributed to the successful campaign for Congress to pass the Inflation Reduction Act.
  • Mobilized turnout for virtual Valentines Lobby Day for state legislators.
  • Played a pivotal role in passing the Medical Reimbursement Bill during the 2022 legislative session.
  • Organized a massive statewide text bank to women voters in response to Dobb's decision.
  • Hosted a Speak Out virtual event addressing the High Cost of Rx Drugs.
  • Engaged in community tabling on Medical Debt.
  • Petitioned the Biden Administration to take Executive Action on six high-cost medicines.

State-Level Healthcare Initiatives:

  • Ending Medical Debt: Advocated for laws and policies to hold hospitals accountable for billing eligible individuals and worked to refund overcharged patients, amounting to $120 million. Conducted community outreach in areas with the highest medical debt incidence.

  • Healthcare Justice Virtual Lobby Day: Organized a statewide lobby day with progressive legislators, leading to the passage of the Medical Reimbursement Bill, SB0944 and HB0694, which initiated a program to reimburse patients for unjust billing.

  • Make Medicines Affordable Campaign: Actively participated in a national campaign to pressure officials to lower drug prices. Held virtual events, circulated petitions, and engaged over 300 supporters.

  • Day of Action on the High Cost of Drugs: Supported and planned events, including emceeing at HHS Headquarters in Washington, D.C., to raise awareness about the exorbitant costs of prescription drugs.

Maryland Progressive Healthcare Coalition

Progressive Maryland is a founding member of the Maryland Progressive Healthcare Coalition. They are a grassroots coalition of leaders, focused on the legislative fight for new and improved Medicare for All. They have formed this coalition with the goal to combine efforts with Progressive groups from across Maryland and build power for single payer healthcare both in Maryland and Nationally. 

Current Initiatives:

Currently, we are actively engaged in the following campaigns:

The Care Over Cost Campaign: As part of The People’s Action Care Over Cost cohort, we are setting out to achieve our overarching objectives:

  1. Overturn claim denials to ensure immediate wins for people.
  2. Build a base of individuals dissatisfied with private health insurance who seek change.
  3. Construct a public narrative highlighting the unreliability of private health insurance companies during critical times.
  4. Sever the ties between health insurance companies and corporate Democrats.

Get Involved:

Here are quick actions you can take to join our movement:


Point of Contact:
Patty Snee
Healthcare Justice Campaign Lead Organizer
[email protected]