Drug Policy

Our Vision:

Progressive Maryland Drug Policy Taskforce envisions a society where there is equal opportunity for the health, dignity, and safety of people targeted by the war on drugs. We believe that harm reduction is a part of a broader movement for racial and social justice.

Our Mission:

The Progressive Maryland Drug Policy Task Force aims to alleviate the societal damage of both substance abuse and prohibition by increasing resources and establishing overdose prevention sites. We seek to empower Maryland residents with harm reduction-based education, policy platforms to fight for drug policy reform and therefore embody a community that cares about all of its people.  To advocate for drug policies to expand harm reduction across the state of Maryland.

We seek to empower Maryland residents to be proactive in changing drug policies or legislation that address drug-related harms, reduce overdose deaths, reduce crime and incarceration rates, and establish Overdose Prevention Sites, which is an urgent public health crisis

Our Goals:

  • Decriminalize all illicit substances¬†
  • Establish Overdose Prevention Sites (OPS) - a model for the country in treating drug use
  • Legalization of Marijuana
  • Decriminalization of Paraphernalia
  • Educate the Availability of Nasal Narcan¬†
  • Increase our Network and/or other harm reduction organizations
  • Connect with members that fight for social and racial equality
    • Collaborate with Justice and Re-Entry Task Force
    • Collaborate with Mental health¬†organizations
  • Attract Donations
    • Telethon
    • Online Fundraising
    • Use funds to get recognition
  • Establish a college internship program
    • UMD, HBCUs


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