The RTCF was formed in 2019 under it's original name, the Re-entry Work Group, to respond to an unmet need – the lack of transitional housing and programs, social services, and jobs for returning citizens in Prince George's County. The group continues to advocate for voter access, re-entry housing, jobs, healthcare, funding for a transition center, and formation of an Office of Returning Citizens Affairs for the county. The increasing needs from the COVID-19 pandemic over the past couple of years have only exacerbated this pressing problem. Progressive Maryland believes that the state as a whole must address this crisis to ensure returning residents’ successful reintegration into our communities.

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So far, the work group has:

  • strengthened voting rights and access for incarcerated people
  • successfully lobbied for the formation of the Reentry Advisory Board
  • secured funding for employment wage incentives for businesses to hire returning citizens

As a direct result of RCTF advocacy, the county increased funding for reentry from zero dollars in 2019 to more than $300,000 in the most recent fiscal budget.

- View our brochure supporting an Office of Returning Citizens Affairs (ORCA) here.

- View our brochure supporting stable housing here.

Our Faith and Community Engagement (FACE) Resource Network provides a variety of comprehensive services and resources that empower justice-involved men, women, and young adults to achieve a successful, productive quality of life outside the prison walls by building a strong network of faith-based and community- based organizational partnerships that support safe and healthy communities, and promote restorative practices that address trauma, strengthen families, and help reduce recidivism for a more just and socially responsible society. Learn more here.