Mission & Values


Progressive Maryland is a multi-racial, working-class political organization that is building a movement to save our planet and put working people in control of our government and economy while ending all forms of structural oppression within our state.  


We are committed to the following values--


Anti-Racism & Anti-Oppression: We stand against all forms of oppression and exploitation.


Economic Justice: We are building a thriving economy that is controlled by everyday people, not the wealthiest 1%.


Environmental Justice: The future of our planet is in jeopardy. We must protect life on earth by transitioning to clean and renewable energy.


Democracy: We are committed to ending the corrupting influence the wealthy have in our political system and bringing everyone’s voices to the democratic process.


Education: A quality education is a right for all and a tool for liberation for oppressed and exploited people.


Community Empowerment: The most powerful social movements are led by people impacted by the issues they seek to change.


Non-Violence: We believe in the power of nonviolent resistance and organizing within the electoral arena to achieve our political objectives.

Political Independence:
We believe in being accountable to the working class people of Maryland, not party bosses or corporate interests.