Progressive Maryland is committed to building social, economic, and racial justice throughout the state of Maryland.


  • Environmental Justice – Maryland is home to many environmental treasures from the Chesapeake Bay to our state and community parks. Unfortunately, pollution and misguided corporate practices threaten these public resources, often at the expense of low-income neighborhoods and communities of color. We believe in an economic system that puts people and environment above corporate profits and will continue to fight to make this a reality.    


  • Fair Elections – Corporations and mega donors have too much influence over who can run for office, the issues they debate, who wins, and the public policies they produce. We are committed to getting big money out of politics by creating systems that empower small dollar donors and makes elected officials accountable to the people that elected them, not their special interest donors.              


  • Medicare for All -- Nearly 30 million Americans have no healthcare coverage. 40 million people in the U.S. cannot afford the cost of the health coverage that they currently have. Let’s be honest, even if you’re “covered”, you’re really not. With $3.5 trillion per year/18% of the GDP going towards healthcare in this country, we should have the best healthcare in the world, but we don’t. We spend almost double what other major industrialized nations spend and our healthcare outcomes rank as some of the lowest in the world.                              


  • Police Reform – Following the tragic death of Freddie Gray in Baltimore, Progressive Maryland joined with other civil rights and community organizations to form the Maryland Coalition for Justice and Police Accountability (MCJPA). During the 2016 state legislative session, the coalition successfully passed an omnibus bill creating greater transparency into the way policing is conducted. We continue to fight against police misconduct and build trust between law enforcement and the public to ensure the safety of Maryland communities.