We’re always looking for people to share their story with us, and their elected officials, about why they support this drug policy work and why we need to see a change in our system.


Has Marijuana helped you with an issue that nothing else could? Have you lost a loved one to overdose? Are you angry about the disproportionate policing of communities of color where drugs are used as an excuse to lock people up? Tell Us More.

Our elected officials need to hear your story because there are still people who can’t see the damage that the war on drugs has caused people and think that incarcerating people is helpful.

We need verbal and written testimony for legislation that would make these policies that truly help people a reality.
We need written posts and video posts that we can share on social media and show people about the harm our current policies are causing

We want to help you tell your story. Your story is important, it impacts others, and will be key to getting the reform we need.

Who is being harmed by our system?
What harm have you seen that is caused by our current policies?
What change do we need?
Why do we need reform?
How are we really going to help people?

Tell us about you, how you got here, how you found us, how you found out we need change, what change we need to see. Tell us everything you want us to know, everything the people in power need to know to help and make lasting change.

Your voice deserves to be heard and your story deserves to be told. Let’s make lasting change together and tell the world what’s really been going on.


Will you answer a few questions?

What is your Story?