Progressive Maryland's Preliminary 2023 Legislative Agenda


The 2023 Legislative Session of the Maryland General Assembly will be coming up fast in the new year, convening on January 11th and concluding on April 10th, 2023. Some of the legislation we plan on supporting includes the following:

     ➟ Abolishing the tipped minimum wage 

     ➟ Terminating the use of waste-to-energy facilities as part of our state’s renewable portfolio

     ➟ Minimizing the presence of law enforcement when interacting with individuals in response to a behavioral health crisis

     ➟ Funding for entrepreneurship development programs for formerly incarcerated people

     ➟ Eliminating the use of cash bail and reducing pretrial detention

     ➟ Decriminalizing all drugs and drug paraphernalia

     ➟ Creating overdose prevention sites

     ➟ Removing police from schools

     ➟ Expanding the installation of energy-efficient appliances to limited-income households and electrifying buildings and transportation

     ➟ Increasing funding for reproductive care and coverage for mental health services

     ➟ Expanding healthcare and other rights to undocumented Marylanders


We will provide more details soon once learn more about the bills being introduced.