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We hope you had a great holiday weekend! With all the talk about the state of our nation's presidency, it's important to remember the significant strides being made right here in Maryland. 

Governor Wes Moore has been behind some major moves to start off the summer season. Last week, he announced that light rail will be the recommended mode for Baltimore’s Red Line, a major transit investment that will connect communities to thousands of jobs and essential services. Additionally, the new Maryland SUN Bucks program will help over 543,000 children access groceries during the summer, with $60 million in federal funding. And days before the anniversary of legalized adult recreational cannabis use, the state awarded more social equity licenses, bringing the total to 205, and introduced a workforce development program prioritizing training for those previously charged with cannabis-related offenses. It's encouraging to see actions in motion to protect and support our state's vulnerable residents.

As we gear up for this critical election, it's essential to recognize the stakes. A victory for Larry Hogan could shift the Senate's balance, undoing years of progressive achievements and reshaping Maryland's policy landscape. We must ensure every voter understands what's at stake. To help, join our Throwdown Thursday phone banking sessions. Participating in these sessions is a direct way to engage with voters and encourage them to take action. No experience needed just click here to sign up.

Read on for updates and ways to get involved. Let's make this a week of action and progress!

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PM Mobilizers Squad Throwdown Thursdays!

Join us for Throwdown Thursdays and make an impact in the Senate race! Every Thursday, we’re phone banking to protect our Senate and advance progressive values. Let’s prevent the Republicans from shifting the balance of power. sign up here.

PM Local Chapter Updates

Progressive Harford County:

Join Progressive Harford County for its chapter meeting on July 15 from 7-8 p.m. on Zoom. During the meeting, Progressive Harford will unveil its plans for engaging more voters and increasing voter participation in the county for the General Election. 

Events from Allies:

From Netroots Nation

Don’t miss the 19th annual Netroots Nation conference, happening July 11-13 in Baltimore! Join us in Charm City for the largest annual progressive gathering in the country. You (and 3,000 fellow progressives) will have a chance to learn, collaborate and be inspired through engaging keynotes and panels, cutting-edge training sessions, film screenings, social events and much more. Register early and get up to 35% off any ticket level. Stay up to date at

NUCU_logo_new.pngAfter the big end-of-term blockbusters delivered by the conservative US Supreme Court majority, lots of people will wonder what the heck "Chevron deference" is -- sorry, was -- before SCOTUS casually ended it. It means judges no longer have to assume that expert civil servants at administrative agencies know what they are talking about, so they can be ignored. Lots of people are worried that any effort to improve energy production or distribution could be crippled while judges second-guess the science. Trump strikes again, with help from Mitch McConnell and the GOP caucus that appointed his SCOTUS nominees. We'll be seeing many more instances where this deliberate privileging of ignorance shows up in important places and stops important projects.

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