MoveOn is launching Resistance Summer -- accept no DNC substitutes! -- and you can train with like-minded progressives to help build community resistance and empowerment, including in your own community. Note that the deadline for applying is SOON -- Sunday, May 21.


MoveOn is rolling out Resistance Summer (NOT to be confused with the Democratic National Committee's program, also called "Resistance Summer"!).

Participants will build power in their or nearby communities. Note the deadline for applying is Sunday, May 21.

MoveOn's program will have 1,000 Mobilizers in a 3-month program with these goals: (1) electoralize the resistance; (2) develop grassroots capacity and leadership; and (3) win victories this summer.

The Mobilizers are organized into a regional training cohort of about 20-25.

Please apply on behalf of Progressive Maryland at

You’ll find much more information about the program and its benefits at the application site. Forward this to other members: It's a pretty short application (and a pretty short deadline:  Sunday, May 21st)

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