The pipeline, furnishing natural gas, puts on hold the option to look for clean renewable energy by creating a false sense of fulfillment, argues Lower Shore Progressive Caucus activist Jamaad Gould. And don't look for the jobs to go to Shore residents.


/By Jamaad Gould/ There is only one planet and we have to take care of it. That statement sounds like the biggest cliche but it still holds true and it doesn’t seem some people fully understand that. Unfortunately, we are running out of time to find true solutions to save our planet for future generations and temporary fixes are not getting the job done. This holds especially true when we talk about providing energy for our population. The focus should be on clean renewable energy and not “cleaner” fossil fuels like natural gas.

While natural gas is a more viable alternative energy source it is far from a true solution that will provide sustainable, renewable, clean energy for Maryland’s Eastern Shore. In fact it does the exact opposite. It puts on hold the option to look for clean renewable energy by creating a false sense of fulfillment. People will think we have done something when in reality we have yet to accomplish anything of any real good.kent_narrows_e_shore.jpg

The Eastern Shore Pipeline makes zero sense, with the wind turbine project now pushing forward and solar investments growing. Why would we as a community and as a state take a step backward and let people tear up land to build a natural gas pipeline? We shouldn’t. Especially when most of the jobs will not be jobs that residents of the Eastern Shore will receive.

We are not benefiting environmentally or financially from this project. Its projected route will go through high minority areas and be devastating to already impoverished communities. The jobs will go to Virginia residents instead of residents of Maryland’s Eastern Shore. America. Maryland. The Eastern Shore. We can and must do better.

We must protect our planet for future generations. We must invest and approve only projects that push out to be leaders in clean and renewable energy. We must not depend on natural gas. We must not allow The Eastern Shore Pipeline to proceed.

Jamaad Gould is Lower Shore Progressive Caucus community outreach chair and At-Large Candidate For Wicomico County Council


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