To The Black Community:

This month is special for us. It allows us dedicated time to celebrate the beauty and strength of our community - something that has flourished despite centuries of oppression. We are a shining example of how resilience, joy, and compassion can persevere through deep racism and adversity.

From the creators who crafted groundbreaking music to the inventors who forever changed technology and everyday essentials, Black people and Black culture have been an invaluable source of inspiration, creativity, and leadership over time. Our fortitude has laid down foundations for justice and progress in our society. 

From affordable housing to community control of police, Progressive Maryland is dedicated to fighting for a better world where everyone is treated with respect and valued equally regardless of ethnicity or skin color. As a Black-led organization, we are deeply connected to this cause – one that we fight for on behalf of those who have been wronged by an unjust system that was built for the purpose of working against us.

We understand that often the pressure put on you by society can be suffocating, yet you continue to show up, thrive, lead and create despite the odds being stacked against you. The weight and strength of the Black experience cannot be understated: even with constant pressures from society, you continue to show up, thrive, lead and create despite the odds being stacked against you. 

We hear your voices calling out for justice loud and clear, as if they were echoing through the generations — from our ancestors before us all the way up to today. We cry out with you in solidarity as we work towards a future where all Black people can finally be free.

You are courageous. You are loved. You are valued. You are seen. Thank you for continuing to strive for justice even when it feels impossible. Keep pushing forward, keep dreaming big, keep inspiring others to stay strong until real change arrives.


In Solidarity & Love,

Christianne Marguerite

Director of Communications at Progressive Maryland


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