Past and future – one story came to an end yesterday, a story of great achievement that nevertheless ends, as it must, in grieving.

PM_Logo.pngThe larger history, for better and worse, goes on.

We have news and views on both.



Our Progressive Maryland family knows, no one better, that Maryland and progressive causes took a big hit yesterday morning with the passing of one of our champions, Rep. Elijah Cummings of Baltimore and Howard County’s 7th Congressional District.

The news aggregator Maryland Reporter did a signal public service this morning with a thorough roundup of coverage and responses from news organizations around the state about Cummings in its morning summary. It includes audio and video links as well as text, and the developing picture of a life well and effectively lived for Rep_Elijah_Cummings_(6322872480).jpgthe people of Maryland may well help work through the grief.

We'll just add what House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy said of his caucus's several attempts to find a "tough" partisan to send to Cummings's oversight committee and contest him: “Every time someone was selected, they’d come back to be a very best friend of Elijah Cummings.”


And a way to shape the future, with access to information:  Our allies at Color of Change have launched an interview podcast covering the critical 2020 presidential election.

The first interview is with Sen. Bernie Sanders. Here’s the link to Color of Change’s interview podcast, “Voting While Black”

Here’s their story: “The Voting While Black Podcast goes beyond the rhetoric to reveal what the presidential candidates really think about race. There have been tons of debates and forums on climate change, LGBTQ issues, and common-sense gun safety, and now it’s our time. This podcast is produced by and for us and hosted by Color Of Change PAC's spokesperson Rashad Robinson.”

ballot_box.jpg[Robinson has been a frequent interview guest on the PBS News Hour and other shows, we note].

Check Out the Podcast

“We’ve decided to interview the candidates because we need real, detailed answers about what they think about the issues that impact Black people— issues that are often ignored or glossed over on the national debate stage. We need the next president to take issues plaguing our community seriously like mass incarceration, police violence, reparations, voter suppression, health care, immigration, and reproductive rights.”


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