🏳️‍🌈A Poem For Pride🏳️‍⚧️


Here in Maryland, where rainbows soar, 

There's a beautiful community we adore.

Pride in our colors is at our core. 

What began at Stonewall has reached far more.


We fly our flags and take a stand

With Two-Spirit people on their Native Land.

We also make a strong demand

For the safety of every Black, Trans Woman.


Although we've come so far, we know,

The road is long and the journey is slow.

But we will protect Trans kids so that they can grow

And thrive in life wherever they go.


In Maryland, where love prevails, 

Let's forge a path, let's blaze new trails;

And vow to push back when the system fails,

For freedom, love, and liberation–not jail.


From Western mountains to Chesapeake's shore, 

This is our call for change, a mighty roar.

Affirmation and justice, among much more.

For basic needs and respect, we must ensure.


Whether Trans, Gay, Pan or Bi,

Together, hand in hand, we stride; 

With strength and courage on our side.

We will not let the far right conquer our Pride.


The Queer community is under constant attack.

We endure violence and the hateful bills they stack.

Especially against those who are Trans, Brown or Black.

We are just looking to get our human dignity back.


This Pride Month, we must also celebrate

The joy and laughter and art we create.

Every Queer and Trans person was made perfect and great.

So hold on to the fact that love can conquer fear and hate.


And if you’re an ally, you have a place.

We need you in this fight, we want you in this space.

It takes every person from every race

To create the kind of world we yearn to embrace.


Here and now, we pledge anew 

To fight for our community, for me and for you.

We can create change together, we know it’s true.

Here at PM, full equality we pursue.


Happy Pride!


With Love,

The Progressive Maryland Team