new_era_PAC.pngTo our members and supporters in Maryland:

Our New Era PAC is an effort to turn the tide in Maryland politics away from corporate-funded officials who carry water for big business, not working people and families.

Please join us May 21 to celebrate the anniversary of this ground-breaking effort and ensure that the people's voice is heard loud and clear.


May 21 marks one year of the New Era PAC, an effort to turn the tide in Maryland politics, and we have so much to celebrate! Within the past year, we've endorsed a total of 27 New Era Slate candidates, all of whom are Progressive Maryland members that we trust will fight with us for bold changes at the state and local level. We already claimed our first official victory when Edward Burroughs won in a special election in for County Council in Prince George’s County with 72% of the vote due to support from Progressive Maryland and the New Era PAC!!

Join us on May 21st at 11:00 AM as we celebrate one year of incredible progress through the New Era PAC and to continue to build towards victory in the 2022 election cycle.

In order for all of our New Era PAC endorsed candidates to see success, we need to raise at least another $12,000 to hit our goal of supporting our progressive champions on the ballot this cycle. We also need even more people to join in on the fun by knocking doors and making phone calls to reach thousands of voters in each jurisdiction our candidates are running in. We need your support right now if we are going to make the difference we hope to make in this election.

The New Era PAC is an important vehicle for progressives across the state to come together to raise money and dedicate volunteer time to electing bold progressives up and down the ballot. Join us on May 21st to continue this momentum.

Through this project, our aim has been to put political power in the hands of working class people, taking it away from the wealthy few and the powerful corporations who constantly get their way. Now one year later, we have so much progress to celebrate as we approach the anniversary of launching this effort.

Get your ticket now to support a people-powered PAC that funds working class candidates to run for state and local office.

We hope you'll celebrate with us!

In Community, Christianne Marguerite

Director of Communications at Progressive Maryland


 Progressive Maryland P.O. Box 6988 Largo, MD 20792

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