Every action is a step toward collective liberation.

 As we celebrate Juneteenth, we reflect on the enduring fight for freedom and justice for Black Americans. Juneteenth is more than a date on the calendar—it’s a call to action. Our struggle is not over. Discrimination, economic inequality, and social injustice continue to plague our communities. Yet, our resilience and determination to overcome these obstacles must remain unwavering.

We are on the frontlines of this fight at the 7/10 Black Workers Center, which we launched just last year. . We stand with Black workers who are navigating a system that too often seeks to marginalize them by advocating fiercely for fair wages, safe working conditions, and equal opportunities. Wee have made great strides in just a year, especially in our support for formerly incarcerated Black individuals striving to rebuild their lives against tremendous odds.

Our grants program and pre-apprenticeship job readiness program are a testament to our commitment to economic equity. These ongoing initiatives equip Black organizations and workers with essential training, mentorship, and resources, paving the way for sustainable, well-paying jobs. Currently, we are successfully working alongside many partners and workers in this life-changing initiative. As we continue to expand, forming new partnerships with diverse workforces to provide grant funding, and individuals we work with directly to empower and prepare for the workforce, we need your support to grow the community members we can assist. 


                                     Let's turn the spirit of Juneteenth into action. Together, we can create lasting change

                                     that uplifts our  community. Thank you for your support.


                                     In Solidarity,


Shannon Talbert

Progressive Maryland Black Workers Center Organizer