ecoblast.jpgIn an open letter to Delegates representing the Eastern Shore, Upper and Lower, activist constituents urge them to back the Clean Energy Jobs Act now struggling to get a floor vote in the House by the end of the session Monday. The House of Delegates is scheduled to convene at noon today (Saturday, April 6) to address lingering tasks -- like the CEJA -- before the frenzy of Monday's "sine die" end of the session.

Shore constituents -- and all Maryland voters who are interested in lowering or easing climate impacts AND bringing good-paying jobs to Maryland -- should take a moment to touch base with their delegates on this matter. They are working Saturday and maybe we should too, for an improved future for the state.


Dear Lower Shore Delegates,

It has been brought to our attention that the Maryland Clean Energy Jobs Act is heading to a vote in the House of Delegates. That is why the following Eastern Shore organizations that make up large sums of your constituency are writing to you asking that you vote in favor of the bill.

This bill address two major issues currently affecting the Eastern Shore: climate change and bringing good paying jobs to our region. There is no debate; science has overwhelmingly shown that climate change is real and poses a serious threat to our way of life.  We are already seeing the effects of this crisis now with stronger storms, more days with extreme heat,  and our communities already facing tidal flooding in Dorchester, Somerset, Ocean City, and other places across our region. 

The time to address this growing issue is now, and this is the bill that will help transform our energy systems away from fossil fuelsecoblast.jpg to cleaner and more affordable forms of energy.     

It is also important to note that this is not "just" an environmental bill.  This bill will save Maryland roughly $240 million dollars in Federal tax credits in just one year.  It will also triple offshore wind investment and bring other forms of green energy projects to our region creating thousands of good paying jobs both on the Shore and across the state. 

Voting against this bill is signaling both the Shore and the rest of the state that our delegation isn't serious about addressing climate change or bringing good paying jobs back to our region.

We, as voters across the Shore, strongly urge you to vote YES to the Maryland Clean Energy Jobs Act.



Jared Schablein -- Chair, Lower Shore Progressive Caucus

Kitty Maynard -- Admin leader, Kent and Queen Anne’s Indivisible

Susan Byer and Toby Perkins -- Co-Chairs, Indivisible Worcester

Susan Olsen -- Chair, Indivisible Dorchester

Denice Lombard -- Chair, Talbot Rising

Josh Hastings -- Wicomico Councilman District 4 and Citizen

Jacob Day -- Mayor of Salisbury

Gains Hawkins -- Chair, Wicomico Democratic Club


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