Legislative Call-In Day - Did You Make the Call?

Please call Councilmember Craig Rice on Wednesday, September 28th and ask him to support bill 12-16 to raise the minimum wage to $15 by voting to pass it out of committee. 

The number to his office is 240-777-7955. Let his staff know if you are a constituent & be sure to thank them - they work hard and are fielding a lot of our calls!

Please see the script below.

"Hi, my name is _______. I am a Montgomery County resident and voter.

I am calling to let you know I support the bill for a $15 minimum wage by 2020. I hope you will support a strong bill that covers all workers--no exceptions, no exemptions--and that as a member of HHS you will take the first step by voting to pass this legislation through committee.

Thank you for taking my call and listening to the community!"

Did you make the call?

Yes I called Craig Rice.
No I did not call Craig Rice.