Gov. Larry Hogan has scheduled a massive bill signing, his last for the 2017 session, on May 25. But he can dangle vetoes for two more days after that, including for the Healthy Working Families Act, the paid sick leave bill. We need to let him know that a veto -- just a stalling method for the inevitable override -- is not acceptable conduct of his office.

/PM BlogSpace Report/ Larry Hogan appears ready to spend state money to keep a horse park open but keeps on whimpering about the burden on the state’s “business community” if they are required to allow their employees to earn paid sick leave.

The Gov. has ten more days to put up or shut up, and activists on behalf of nearly three-quarters of a million working Marylanders and their families are telling him (below) to sign the paid sick leave bill passed (at last!) by the General Assembly – or at least allow it to become law without his signature, something that will happen in ten days.

Eight days from now, Hogan has scheduled a last bill signing (May 25) but still has two days after that to dangle a veto over the Healthy Working Families Act. That would certainly solidify his growing reputation as a smiling good-guy GOP governor who behind the scenes puts the screws to poor and working people while filling the pockets of his business buddies still more.

Working Families Maryland coalition (Progressive Maryland is a member) director Liz Richards has issued this appeal, worth all of our attention:

10 Days Until Governor's Decision on HB1. Call Governor Hogan TODAY!

This is it. 10 days from now, Governor Hogan will have to make a decision on the Healthy Working Families Act (HB1), which would allow nearly 700,000 Marylanders to earn sick leave for the first time. Without earned paid sick days, Marylanders who work hard and play by the rules will continue to face impossible choices between their job and their family.

Please call Governor Hogan TODAY and tell him: I'm a constituent from XXXXX, Maryland, and I urge Governor Hogan to sign HB1.

Call Governor Hogan's office: 410-974-3901

The Healthy Working Families Act helps lift up our families and our economy by reducing turnover at businesses and ensuring that Marylanders can care for their families without risking the loss of their paycheck or their job. But to make the Healthy Working Families Act law in Maryland, we need Governor Hogan to either sign the bill or let it become law without his signature. If Governor Hogan vetoes this bill, we will have to wait another 8 MONTHS for a veto override vote in the Maryland legislature.

There is no time to waste. Please make a phone call to Governor Hogan today and urge him to sign HB1, the Healthy Working Families Act. Tell him it helps working families, businesses and our economy!

Call Governor Hogan's Office: 410-947-3901.

We have come so far, and we could not have done it without you. Together, we have:

  • Protected HB1 against harmful amendments.
  • Passed HB1 in the House and Senate with veto-override majorities.
  • Gotten closer than ever to making a meaningful difference in the lives of nearly 700,000 Marylanders.

If Governor Hogan lets this bill become law on May 27, we win. We are so close -- and we cannot stop now!

Thank you for your help. Let's do this.

Liz Richards

Coalition Director


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