In the Bowie City Council District 3 seat race, one candidate stands out as a beacon of change and progress. Iyamide House, endorsed by Progressive Maryland, has been making waves with her visionary platform, strong leadership, and unwavering commitment to the community. With the recent endorsement from Aisha Braveboy, the State's Attorney for Prince George's County, Maryland, House's campaign gains even more momentum. In this blog post, we proudly highlight the remarkable qualities that make our candidate Iyamide House the ideal choice for the District 3 seat, especially as the only woman in the race.

Iyamide House is not just an ordinary candidate; she represents the hopes and aspirations of the residents of District 3. Her campaign is built on a foundation of being inclusive, responsive, and effective — values that resonate deeply with Progressive Maryland and its mission. With a background as a business owner with her Mental Health Practitioner License and a mother of three, House brings a unique perspective to the table. She understands the challenges faced by families and local businesses and is dedicated to finding innovative solutions to address them.

Aisha Braveboy, the highly respected State's Attorney for Prince George's County, has thrown her support behind House's campaign. Braveboy's endorsement is a testament to House's exceptional qualifications and her ability to represent the interests of District 3 residents. As a leader committed to public safety, criminal justice reform, and community engagement, Braveboy recognizes House as a highly qualified candidate who will bring fresh ideas and a strong voice to Bowie City Council. This powerful endorsement further solidifies House's credibility and showcases the widespread support she has garnered. Progressive Maryland is very proud of the successes the campaign is already seeing. 

One notable aspect of House's candidacy is her status as the only woman in the race for the District 3 seat. This is important, as it reflects the need for diverse voices and perspectives in local governance. House is also the only candidate with school-aged children and has the unique ability to be a voice for Bowie’s families. Her presence in the race not only exemplifies the importance of equitable gender representation amongst elected officials but also demonstrates her ability to lead with compassion, empathy, and a keen understanding of the unique challenges faced by women, children and families in the community. No better candidate will fight for the needs of the working people like House will.

She has a rich family background that has shaped her values and beliefs. She carries a Yoruba name, "Iyamide," meaning "my mother returns," in honor of her late grandmother. Her mother, who immigrated to the United States at the age of thirteen, instilled in her a deep appreciation for their Krio heritage as descendants of the Kings of Campbell Town in Freetown, Sierra Leone, West Africa.

Growing up in the Mid Hudson Valley, New York, House's mother, being her only Black school teacher, emphasized the importance of community and education. This upbringing, combined with her father's role as a school principal, veteran, and community leader, greatly influenced House's belief that a community's success is reflected in how it nurtures its children.

Education holds immense value for House, as she believes it is the most valuable tool a person can possess. She attended a public high school and went on to be accepted into Johns Hopkins University, where she earned both her Bachelor's and Master's degrees. During her time at Hopkins, House emerged as a student leader, serving as a Resident Advisor, Black Student Union President, and a member of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, where she reignited Black Greek Life on campus.

House's commitment to education extends beyond her own academic pursuits. She actively volunteers at Tulip Grove Elementary and The Girl Scouts, dedicating her time and energy to supporting these organizations. Additionally, she participates in Jack and Jill of America, and is consistently engaging in activities that focus on mentorship, youth development, and community improvement. House's work as a mental health clinician further demonstrates her dedication to making a positive impact within her community.Through her upbringing, education, and active involvement in various organizations, House has developed a deep sense of commitment to improving the lives of those around her. She believes in giving back, nurturing young minds, and contributing to the betterment of her community.

House has emerged as a formidable force in the race for Bowie City Council District 3. Her progressive platform focused on the upward mobility of Bowie’s families, good local jobs, and quality, affordable early education, has garnered widespread support. House has not only received the endorsement from the Honorable Aisha Braveboy but has also gained collective backing from other prominent figures, including Tiffany Alston, District 24 Delegate, and Jocelyn Route, Prince George's County School Board Member At-Large. With House at the helm, District 3 can look forward to a future marked by transparency, accountability, and positive change. The upcoming election presents a pivotal moment for the community to choose a candidate who will truly champion the interests of the people and pave the way for a brighter tomorrow. In many eyes, that candidate is Iyamide House.

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