Izola Shaw, candidate for Rockville City Council, is a trailblazer for renters' rights and community progress. Endorsed by organizations such as Progressive Maryland, CASA, and Greater Greater Washington, Shaw has garnered widespread support from working-class communities as well as various local community leaders across Rockville who are very well-known and highly respected. 


Shaw brings a unique perspective and a deep understanding of the challenges individuals face when seeking safe and affordable housing. As a dedicated community leader with extensive experience and policy expertise, Shaw has already made remarkable accomplishments bringing about real change in Rockville even before this journey to making a positive impact on City Council.

Shaw comes from a family with a legacy of social justice and dedicated public service. Raised by a mother who was a women's rights activist and a father who served in the Navy and desegregated his high school, Shaw grew up with a profound understanding of the importance of community contribution and progress. Her grandfather, a trailblazer for workers' rights, led the historic Pullman Porters- the first Black union in America. These influential figures shaped Shaw's belief in the shared responsibility of the whole community to contribute to its progress.

During her junior year in high school, Shaw experienced firsthand the consequences of lousy housing policy when extreme rent hikes forced her family to move out of their home and jurisdiction. Despite the challenges, her parents' efforts allowed Shaw to continue her education without changing schools. This experience deeply impacted Shaw's belief that everyone deserves safe, attainable, and stable housing for a thriving community. Her commitment to addressing housing instability stems from her personal journey, making her a compassionate advocate for renters' rights.

Shaw's educational background includes a dual degree in Political Science and History from Howard University, where she graduated Magna Cum Laude. Furthering her knowledge in economic development and international relations, she earned a Master's at Johns Hopkins University. These prestigious universities paved the way for Shaw's service work throughout western and southern Africa, where she spearheaded community economic development projects.

More than a decade ago, Shaw settled in Rockville and established deep roots in the community. Her dedication and service have been exceptional, driven by a strong sense of social justice and the belief that government can be a vehicle for positive change. Shaw's notable accomplishments include leading emergency preparedness outreach programs nationwide with FEMA, serving as a Senior Communication and Outreach Consultant for the NIH during the COVID-19 pandemic, and successfully advocating for a hold on rent increases to protect Rockville families from eviction and homelessness.

A catalyst for social change, Shaw played a pivotal role in drafting, advocating for, and passing the Montgomery County Racial Equity and Social Justice Act. Additionally, she co-founded Montgomery County's Racial Equity Network (MORE), a coalition of 50 community organizations and local stakeholders. As Chair of their Social Justice Advisory Committee, Shaw has been instrumental in advising the County Executive, County Council, and county agencies on strategies to champion policies, programs, and legislation that advance equity and social justice.

Shaw's candidacy for Rockville City Council represents hope, progress, and a dedication to housing stability and community empowerment. Her unique perspective as the only progressive in the race resonates deeply with the challenges many Rockville residents face. Izola Shaw is poised to be a true champion advocating for renters' rights on Rockville City Council, driving a more equitable future for all.

Learn more about Izola on her official campaign website. We also invite you to come canvassing with us to help get Izola elected, register for that event here.