Lawyers Mall Erupts as Marylanders Send a Cease and Desist to The Maryland Chamber of Commerce

Over 150 Marylanders Came Together to Expose The Maryland Chamber of Commerce for Dark Money Lobbying and Call on The Governor to Take Action


Annapolis, Maryland – On Saturday, more than 150 progressive leaders from across Maryland united to challenge the influence of dark money in our legislative process. The march and rally, organized by Progressive Maryland, stopped at the Chamber of Commerce building before concluding at the Governor’s House. The livestream of the action may be found on Progressive Maryland’s Facebook page. 

Marylanders demonstrate in Downtown Annapolis

At the heart of the rally was a call to action against the Maryland Chamber of Commerce, identified as a major player utilizing dark money to sway legislative decisions in their favor, ultimately undermining the interests of Marylanders. Over the past decade, they have poured millions of dollars into lobbying against legislation that would force the largest corporations in our state to pay their fair share of taxes, keeping the wealthiest individuals in our state remaining wealthy and skirting consumer protection measures. That’s millions of dollars that could be collected in state taxes and should be going towards state funding for essential services like education, healthcare, housing, and climate action.

Activists hold up sign while marching to the Maryland Chamber of Commerce office

Now we are in a state budget deficit and it’s services like public transportation and school programs that are being cut. Along with union workers and state legislators, such as Delegate Gabriel Acevero, the group publicly called on the Governor to take action around this budget deficit that is hurting working families. “In the richest state in the union per capita, we still have one of the most regressive tax codes where the wealthy and well-connected still don't pay their fair share... If we say that we care about oppressed people across this state, then we've got to make sure that we're organizing to prioritize the Fair Share Act that will tax the wealthy and well-connected the way they're supposed to be taxed so we're funding all these priorities that they say we can't afford” said Acevero 

 Despite running on a platform of "Leave no one behind" and promising to end childhood poverty, Governor Moore's FY 2025 budget falls short of meeting even the most basic state commitments to essential services. As Larry Stafford, Executive Director of Progressive Maryland, noted, "Marylanders need more than rhetoric; we need a working families budget that reflects our values and priorities."

Numerous residents stepped forward to share their firsthand experiences with both the General Assembly and the Moore Administration’s persistent inaction. They highlighted the dire need for funding true renewable energy as an intervention to address toxic air in South Baltimore, improving housing conditions and affordability, and fully funding the Blueprint plan for education. 

In a symbolic gesture, attendees presented a cease and desist letter to Mary D. Kane, CEO and President of the Chamber of Commerce, demanding an end to corporate interference in Maryland's politics. 

Marylanders demonstrate in front of the Maryland Chamber of Commerce office  while Prince George’s County Council member, Krystal Oriadha, speaks..