Reposted from the Intersection Magazine

This op-ed is written by Alfrieda Hylton, Capitol Heights resident and chairperson of The Progressive Maryland Returning Citizens Task Force.

As an activist and mother who has witnessed the challenges of returning from incarceration firsthand, I am deeply troubled by the lack of funding for critical reentry services in our state. Returning residents face numerous obstacles upon release because the criminal justice system sets up many to fail.

I have two sons who have been incarcerated due to non-violent offenses and were trapped in a revolving door upon release. They both served lengthy sentences and then when the prison doors opened, the doors of society were slammed shut. They witnessed barriers and obstacles coming back into their community, like finding a job that would hire them with their record. Rejected and deprived of the resources to stay out of prison. Living their day-to-day life felt impossible. Which made it more difficult to turn their lives around as productive citizens. It was nothing but a setup by the justice system for them to fail outside of prison walls...


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