Maryland's system of cash bail is a systemic injustice impacting poor residents swept into the criminal justice system even when they are not a threat to public safety.

Now the bail industry is sponsoring SB983 to increase its influence and financial gain. 

The bill would allow anyone unable to afford bail to be kept in jail until their trial date. That means Maryland residents are being imprisoned without a trial or finding of guilt by a jury of their peers.

The state Attorney General and Court of Appeals Rules Committee have all recommended the system of cash bail be abolished because it is racially discriminatory. 

Several members of the Montgomery County delegation are undecided on this bill and a vote could come any day.

Call and tell these representatives they should vote NO on SB983.

Del. David V. Fraser-Hidalgo (D-15)
(410) 841-3186, (301) 858-3186
[email protected]

Del. Kumar P. Barve (D-17)
(410) 841-3990, (301) 858-3990
[email protected] 

Del. Benjamin F. Kramer (D-19) 
(410) 841-3485, (301) 858-3485
[email protected]

Del. Charles E. Barkley (D-39)
(410) 841-3001, (301) 858-3001
[email protected]