The Working People's COVID Recovery Agenda


An Agenda for Workers:

-Ensure Essential Workers are Protected and Paid Hazard Pay by Passing the Essential Workers Protection Act 

-Fix our broken unemployment insurance system

-Enact Protections for Pregnant and Breastfeeding workers.

-Support Higher Wages for Workers at Our State’s Most Important Transit Hubs by passing the Secure Maryland Wage Act

-Eliminate the suspension of a driver’s licenses due to unpaid fines and fees

-Eliminate the subminimum wage for    tipped workers and enact One Fair Wage 

-Ensure that Every Marylander Has the Ability to Use Paid Sick Time

-Ensure Every Marylander Has Paid Family Leave


Housing for All:

-Enact a Moratorium on All Evictions and Foreclosures

-Invest in Social Housing to Create Both Affordable and Livable Housing for Marylanders in Need.

-Provide Payment Assistance for Marylanders Behind on Rent and Mortgages 

-End All Utility Shut Offs During the Pandemic

-Ensure Every Person Facing an Eviction going forward Has Legal Representation.


Progressive Taxation:

-Close Corporate Tax Loopholes that Allow Large Corporations to Escape Paying Maryland Taxes. (Combined Reporting)

-End the corporate “nowhere income” tax loophole (throwback rule)

-Ensure Our State Has a Fair Equitable Tax Code that Makes The Wealthy Pay Their Fair Share.

-Add a FairTax on Digital Advertisers.

-Legalize and Tax Marijuana to Create New State Revenue



-Form a study group to research a pathway for a Medicare for All style Maryland single payer healthcare system. 

- Stop hospitals from suing patients for medical debts owed by passing the Medical Debt Protection Act

- Ensure no COVID patient has to pay out of pocket expenses for treatment and care for related medical issues. 

-Hold Governor accountable for equitable and fair access to COVID vaccine.