Currently the Prince George's County Council is considering expanding to include two At Large representatives. The proposal allows term limited council members to run for At-Large seats. Let us know what you think using the poll below. We are taking input to determine what we will do in regards to this proposal.

Here's a quote from the Sentinel's coverage on the issue:

"On June 14, the county council voted 7-0 to introduce a measure that, if it succeeds after a public hearing and a second vote, would be submitted to referendum on the Nov. 8 ballot and amend the Prince George’s County Charter. The amendment would add two at-large seats to the Prince George’s County Council, to be filled by voters county-wide. Currently, the body only contains district council members who are elected only by residents of their specific districts.

The amendment also specifies that a district council member who has already served the maximum two terms allowed by the current charter would still be eligible for one of the at-large seats, potentially doubling the time a councilmember could serve from two to four terms.

The measure, CB 40-2016, was sponsored by Council Chair Derrick Davis, Vice-Chair Dannielle Glaros and council members Todd Turner and Deni Taveras."

Will you answer a few questions?
Do you support the Prince George's County Council's proposal to create two new At-Large County Council seats?