A critical Prince George's County Zoning Examiner's Hearing may seal the fate of a controversial Concrete Batch Plant project being sought in Bladensburg, near the Anacostia waterfront and potentially threatening health and safety in the Port Towns. The Aug. 22 hearing was continued after lengthy debate until Wednesday, Sept. 6, when opponents of the plant hope to have, again, a large crowd to let the Examiner -- and County Council -- know that community control of local development is important to many of the county's residents.

Residents of the Port Towns communities in Prince George's County are fighting the siting of a concrete batching plant in Bladensburg near Peace Cross, threatening the Anacostia River and the health of residents in the vicinity. At a long and grueling hearing Aug. 22 before the Zoning Examiner, an estimated 60 opponents were there to fight for the right of communities to control development in their own backyards.

The Zoning Examiner continued the hearing until Wednesday, Sept. 6, when the debate will resume at 9 a.m. in the County Administration Building in Upper Marlboro. To reprise and update a previous post:

Residents of the Port Towns in Prince George’s County are going before the county’s Zoning Hearing Examiner Wednesday, Sept. 6 to say “We deserve BETTER than a Concrete Batching Plant in Our Port Towns” and you can help them oppose a CONCRETE BATCHING PLANT across from the Bladensburg Waterfront Park at the Peace Cross

 Show Your Opposition & Say “NO”

Attend the Wednesday, Sept. 6 Public Hearing @ 9 a.m. at the County Administration Building, 14741 Governor Oden Bowie Drive, Second Floor in Upper Marlboro, MD 20722

(Also become a Person of Record for case SE-4792: https://tinyurl.com/PersonOfRecord-ZHE)

 Voice your concern that “We Deserve Better!”


Say “NO” to:

  • Cancer-causing concrete dust and diesel exhaust in our air
  • Heavy truck traffic endangering our children, seniors, pedestrians, and bikers
  • Pollution in the Anacostia River water ways and our drinking water
  • Truck traffic congestion and damage to our roads
  • Reducing our property values

 Citizens Say “NO”:

“Concrete Batching Plants produce pollutants that can impact human health, including carbon monoxide, particulate matter in the air (dust), sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides….these can cause asthma, heart disease, cancers...”  Dr. Sacoby Wilson, Associate Professor, University of Maryland School of Public Health.

 “The Port Towns has been an area we envision as building on and honoring the historic significance of the region and welcoming vibrant businesses in a mixed-use development…this plant will set us back at least a generation.”
Jolene Ivey, past Delegate, 47th Legislative District

 Port Towns Environmental Action (PTEA)
A coalition fostering environmental and social justice in the Port Towns communities of Prince George’s County while promoting local sustainable practices that create equitable, healthy, and safe communities.  Find us on Facebook: @JoinPTEA, by email:
[email protected], or by mail: PTEA, P.O. Box 713, Bladensburg, MD 20710




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