After a bold action at this Wednesday's Board of Public Works meeting, Marylanders continue to insist that Gov. Larry Hogan address the threats to the state from his GOP colleague Donald Trump -- an issue on which Hogan has been conspicuously silent so far. Here is Progressive Maryland's news release:


ANNAPOLIS – Calls are growing louder from all corners of Maryland for Governor Larry Hogan to host a “town hall” forum to clear the air, listen to his constituents and break his long silence on the early actions of the Trump administration.

Progressive Maryland members hand-delivered a letter signed by over 1,000 Marylanders to Hogan Wednesday during a Board of Public Works Meeting, and since then support for clarity and answers from the governor has taken off, with 2,247 signatures currently. Add your name here .

The letter, which was published in the Baltimore Sun , calls for a public forum with Hogan to address the people of Maryland and clarify his stance on new federal developments that would have a profound effect on Maryland and its economy.

“It’s vital that the governor hears the concerns of his constituents,” said Samantha Easton, a Maryland resident and current beneficiary of the Affordable Care Act, who joined protesters in delivering the petition on Wednesday. “That’s why we want a town hall forum. If he decides that the Trump administration’s actions aren’t germane to Maryland affairs, he’s entitled to that opinion, but he owes it to Marylanders who will be affected to listen.”

In his recent State of the State address, the governor did not address plans to repeal the Affordable Care Act, which has provided healthcare for over 400,000 Marylanders. Nor did he make any mention of the Muslim Travel Ban, which would prevent many talented researchers, medical professionals and students from coming to Maryland. Governor Hogan has also not addressed new immigration enforcement policies and more aggressive raids that would threaten Maryland residents and contribute to a culture of fear within our immigrant communities.

On issue after issue where new federal policies would have a clear, negative impact on his state, Governor Hogan has remained silent, with no response to the letter nor to repeated protests, phone calls to his office, and public criticism from citizens and politicians alike.

Progressive Maryland, its members and allies will continue to keep up the pressure on the governor in pursuit of the transparency and communication that Marylanders deserve from their elected officials.

About Progressive MD:

Through research, public education, and direct political action we strive to improve the lives of working families in our state. Progressive Maryland is the Maryland coordinating partner of People’s Action, which unites 50 affiliated groups in 29 states to build power for a more just and progressive America.

Progressive Maryland has successfully led the fight for living wage laws in Montgomery County, Prince George's County and statewide in Maryland. It has led the statewide fight to raise the minimum wage, close corporate tax loopholes and for a progressive tax system. It supports collective bargaining, living wage jobs and civil rights issues.



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