As the Maryland General Election cycle gets under way, progressive activists around the state will be focusing on one thing: everyone eligible to vote needs to know about the election, about the stakes and about why it is important that their own voices and the voices of their neighbors to be heard in the way it counts most – numbers of votes.

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As the Maryland General Election cycle gets under way, progressive activists around the state will be focusing on one thing: everyone eligible to vote needs to know about the election, about the stakes and about why it is important that their own voices and the voices of their neighbors to be heard in the way it counts most – numbers of votes.

We point toward the November 6 election with, yes, a focus on the immediate task of getting those people motivated by their own self-interest to be sure to cast a vote in the numerous ways it can be done – at the polling place, during early voting or by absentee ballot.

But our modes of contacting our neighbors vary a lot, even though the basic move starts with a knock on the door, the dialing of a phone, or chatting at a table at an event – the “canvass.” The messages vary, the starting points vary. As progressive activists will find when learning from our detailed materials for canvassing strategies, every separate contact is its own thing.

ballot_box.jpgWe do deep canvassing and base building, which begin with the issues that concern people in their own lives and build awareness that those concerns are shared among their neighbors and members of the wider community. From that ground we can mobilize – “engaging and motivating people to take an action or series of actions” that can further develop activism in a community.

Because Progressive Maryland has been doing deep canvassing and base building all along, well before this election cycle, there’s a strong core of folks ready to mobilize in alignment with the more immediate tasks of the General Election: the Electoral Canvass, “targeting current or to-be-registered voters” and the GOTV canvass that moves those voters to the polls. During Early Voting and on Election Day, we do polling place awareness work, Electioneering.

Activists can see from this outline that all these methods and strategies converge to empower working people in their communities and give them a better window on who is running and why their issue concerns make it important to vote progressive candidates into office -- and then hold them accountable, between elections.

Progressive Maryland is an exciting place to express your activism because in addition to the work of canvassing we have social events/meetings/happy hours where we take a breather from the door to door work and get back to it refreshed.

We have active chapters all across the state – look for one in your area here. Or contact Statewide Organizing Director Beth Landry to get linked up with our revised 2018 Canvassing Guide -- with strategies that keep you in tune with your neighbors and community and make canvassing a low-anxiety, high-empowerment practice. This is how we make Maryland a better place to live for working families.


Progressive Prince George's

Tuesday, July 24 Protest “Official Democratic Ballot” scam. has organized a protest at the Democratic Central Committee at 7 p.m., 2905 OLD LARGO RD UPPER MARLBORO MD. They used a misleading OFFICIAL DEMOCRATIC BALLOT to advertise the candidates that the Democratic Central Committee wanted. The voters of Prince George’s County got swindled and we did not get Victor Ramirez, Krystal Oriadha, Tony Knotts, and others to represent us. We have to let them know this can NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN.

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Thursday July 26 at 7pm -- No Eastern Shore Pipeline The Climate Stewards of Greater Annapolis are hosting a discussion about how pipelines affect communities and how to help the communities on the Eastern Shore resist the 190 mile pipeline proposed to run from Pennsylvania to Virginia.  We will be joined by folks from the No Eastern Shore Pipeline group and from communities in West Virginia and Pennsylvania who have been resisting the construction of natural gas pipelines through their communities Annapolis Friends Meeting House, 351 Dubois Rd, Annapolis. Flyer here


Baltimore comrades, Check in on Max Obuszewski’s highly useful calendar and tip sheet at

To keep up with progressive events in and around DC consult the invaluable calendar at the Washington Peace Center,


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