Tomorrow is the Primary Election! For those who've already voted, thank you for taking an active role in shaping our community's trajectory. But for those who haven't yet, now's the time to plan your trip to the polls. Let's make sure every voice is counted.


Our endorsed candidates still need your support. If you have some time to spare, we're looking for volunteers to assist at the polls tomorrow. Whether you can commit for a few hours or the whole day, every bit of help makes a difference. Sign up below!


District 1- Tiffini Andorful                    District 5- Iyamide House

Website/ Volunteer Link                     Website/ Volunteer LInk  



             District 7 Phelton Moss                       District 8- Zakyia Goins-Mccants

Website/ Volunteer LInk                      Website/ Volunteer LInk



And for those seeking answers to common voting questions or needing assistance, don't forget to check out our election section.  


Read on for updates from our task forces and issue campaigns, as well as State and National News.


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Election Updates:

Important Information


If you are:

On election day, Tuesday, May 14, you must vote at your assigned polling place. All election day polling places are open continuously from 7 am until 8 pm on. Anyone in line at 8 pm will be allowed to vote.

PM Task Forces & Issue Campaigns Updates

Healthcare Justice: Making Medicines Affordable! Fighting Health Insurance Company Denials! 


Last call: Please fill out our short survey  about the 8  prescription drugs the Maryland Prescription Drug Affordability Board has named for its cost review. We have  to send them the survey results this Wednesday! The Board needs to hear from everyday Marylanders who want them to take this critical next step to lower drug costs. Here is the list of eight. Feel free to add other expensive medicines to our survey.


Support the Care Over Cost Campaign’s Fight Against Greedy Health Insurance Companies!          


➢ Please sign and share our petition to the Senate Finance Committee to urge action against UnitedHealth Group, the largest and most profitable insurer in the country, to stop denying and delaying people’s care.  


➢ Come volunteer with us! It’s fun, it’s easy and it makes a difference. This Saturday May 18th we’re door knocking in Baltimore to talk to community members about their healthcare issue concerns. For details or  if you have other ways you can help or are part of a group that would like to learn more, contact Patty  

News You Can Use about Maryland and elsewhere


This pudding has no theme this week. More states are suing fossil fuel companies for climate change effects; Maryland is getting high marks on LGBTQ+ and data privacy protection; reaching for climate goals here and elsewhere keeps getting more complicated; and the tense standoff between Israel and its number one arms supplier (that would be US) gets tenser. More going on than you might imagine, so dig in. It's all News You Can Use.

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