We are proud to announce that 6 out of our 7 endorsed candidates have successfully made it through the primary and will be on the ballot in November. This is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our community and supporters.


In Baltimore, we are proud to support:

  • Brandon Scott, who won the primary for Mayor of Baltimore.
  • Mark Parker, who will advance in the City Council race for District 12.
  • Paris Gray, moving forward in the City Council race for District 7.
  • Jermaine Jones, advancing in the City Council race for District 8.

In Prince George's County, we celebrate:

  • Tiffany Andorful, who won the primary for School Board candidate in District 1.
  • Phelton Moss, advancing for School Board District 7.
  • Zakyia Goins-McCants, moving forward for School Board District 8.

We also want to extend a big thank you to everyone who joined us last week for our post-primary discussion. Your insights and enthusiasm were invaluable, and we look forward to working together as we prepare for the election in November.


In this week’s memo, we have exciting updates on our task force initiatives and issue campaigns. Read on to learn about the strides we’re making together and how you can get involved in our efforts.


In Solidarity,

The Progressive Maryland Team




Here’s what’s in today’s memo:

    • PM Task Forces & Issue Campaigns Updates
    • State & National News

PM Task Forces & Issue Campaigns Updates

Healthcare Justice: Announcing the Statewide Virtual Town Hall on Medicare For All!


Last Thursday, we celebrated the priority healthcare bills we passed in coalition with our allies getting signed into law.  We were on hand when the Governor signed the health insurance reform bill we wrote and watched as he signed measures that remove barriers to getting insurance coverage and receiving hospital financial assistance. Governor Moore also signed a law that guarantees gender-affirming treatment. What a difference organizing makes and what a difference it means for progress when we have someone like Wes Moore in the Governor’s seat instead of his predecessor, Larry Hogan.


We’re excited about these wins but we know that the best way to address all the inadequacies, wasted money, and injustices in our healthcare system is to move to a Medicare For All universal program. Medicare For All is our North Star vision and the Care Over Cost campaign is helping make the case for a system that is not dependent on private insurance companies. 


That’s why we’re excited to announce the virtual Medicare For All Town Hall on Thursday, May 30th at 6:30, an event we’re hosting with our friends at Public Citizen.

Register here for the event.


We’ll hear from Rep. Mfume, local officials, advocates, community and business leaders who support Medicare For All.  We also look forward to hearing from all who tune in! For questions or to learn how to get involved, contact Patty  

Environmental Justice Task Force


For the past few weeks, the EJTF has been out in Westport, a neighborhood in South Baltimore, the most proximate neighborhood to the Bresco-trash incinerator. Meanwhile, the EJTF has seen some success in Westport with door-to-door conversations after broadening the messaging to touch on zero-waste as opposed to solely focusing on incineration.


The messaging was adapted to include sharing that the EJTF has a mission of creating a zero-waste future; thereby, increasing the life expectancies of frontline residents of South Baltimore. So far, the message resonates with the community. In addition, the EJTF is collaborating with other Baltimore-based groups and neighborhood associations to amalgamate resources and manpower around this vision.


To activate more South Baltimore community members to our EJ campaign, the EJTF will be holding tabling events in Cherry Hill and Brooklyn, and would like your support. Furthermore, the EJTF is preparing to hold a listening session in early June, so stay tuned for updates on the exact day, time and location. If you would like to support the EJTF at the upcoming tabling events, contact SirJames.



Housing Justice: ETA Victory Picnic!


Join the Enclave Tenant Association this Saturday, May 25 to celebrate the passing of the Tenant Safety Act and other important legislation. There will be food and drinks along with activities for kids! Click here to RSVP

Well, what did you expect? News You Can Use is not generally fluffy 

Here in Maryland, the container ship Dali has been refloated and moved from its blocking position in the ship channel in Baltimore, raising hopes that near-normal shipping traffic can be envisioned as debris from the Key Bridge is removed or pushed aside. Video is offered, below. Meanwhile, the gaudy low unemployment numbers here bring a Maryland labor shortage that is now strapping public jobs including law enforcement. The state is showing up badly on inspection of nursing homes and getting a slow start on replanting trees in our treeless urban spaces. Plus news from other states facing and dealing with problems similar to ours, and People's Action's weekly report on the nonperformance of the US legislative branch. It’s all News You Can Use.

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