Today, as we solemnly remember the events of September 11th, we are reminded of the profound impact that pivotal moments in history can have on our collective journey towards progress. On this day, in 2001, the world witnessed both the worst of humanity's capacity for destruction and the best of our capacity for unity and resilience.


As a progressive organization committed to building a more just and equitable future, we understand the significance of moments like these. They serve as a stark reminder of the importance of our work—working tirelessly to ensure that our communities are safe, inclusive, and empowered to drive positive change.


Don't forget to check out all the incredible work our task forces are doing as we gear up for a transformative fall. Read on for important updates and news you can use.


In Solidarity,

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Here’s what’s in today’s memo:

    • PM Events: Annual Gala
    • PM task forces & issue campaigns: RCTF, HJTF
    • Events from Allies
    • Hispanic Heritage Month Events
    • State & National news


ANNUAL GALA –  Limited Tickets Left🎟️

Join us in just 10 days for our highly anticipated Annual Gala on September 21st at 4pm in Annapolis, complete with a spectacular awards presentation! Act quickly, as we have just a few tickets left, and this is your final opportunity to reserve your place. Secure your tickets today!

Updates: PM Task Forces & Issue Campaigns 

Returning Citizens Taskforce

Maryland State Delegate Adrian Boafo (District 23) will address this evening’s RCTF meeting on his proposed legislation to “ban-the-box” in housing throughout the state. Finding adequate housing is an immediate need for people after returning home from prison, yet they often find themselves discriminated against by landlords and rental agencies. Legislation that eliminates the question of whether an individual has had a conviction from housing applications, would at least give people an opportunity to have their application considered (this would function in much the same way as “ban-the-box” on job applications).


We are also proposing that members take part in PG Changemakers’ sponsored event: “Food in Jails Should Heal not Harm,” in support of legislation being developed by Prince Georges’ County Council Member Krystal Oriadha (District 7). Register here. See attached flyer below.


This evening’s RCTF meeting will be held via zoom from 6:30 – 7:30 pm. For more information contact Kurt.

Healthcare Justice: Taking Action This Fall!

Quick Take: Sign the Care Over Cost Petition


Healthcare Issue Organizing:

We believe everyone should get the healthcare they need when and where they need it. When this becomes the norm in this country we’ll see stable, healthy and safe families and communities. It’s going to take a powerful movement to win. That’s why we all need to be in this fight! Join us to stand up to the unchecked greed of drug companies, insurance companies and hospitals. 


Actions and Activities: 

–Attend a virtual statewide event next Monday, September 18th, about the state’s critical next steps to deal with the high cost of prescription drugs. Here is the direct Zoom link. You’ll learn about the Action Plan the state Prescription Drug Affordability Board is putting together to put Upper Payment Limits on some drug prices, starting with purchases that state and local governments make and then expanding to all Marylanders. This is a significant development in the effort to rein in drug prices! Sen. Van Hollen and leaders from the House of Delegates will also be there. 


–Join us in late September and throughout October as we take action to demand that health insurers stop denying care and claims. We’re holding a rally here in Maryland in the first part of October to make demands for health insurance reforms and industry accountability. Contact Patty to learn more. Public pressure campaigns work! Cigna announced it is removing some prior authorization requirements.  


–Support our call to the Senate HELP Committee to hold hearings this Fall on health insurance denials of care and claims that are putting so many people at risk of poor health outcomes, undue stress and medical debt. If your community, advocacy or faith based group  wants to sign on to the letter let us know and we’ll share the form. Here’s the text of the letter.


-Stay tuned for updates on the End Medical Debt Campaign Maryland’s 2024 priorities. Today, Progressive Maryland is joining hundreds of people and allies across the country to tell three federal agencies, CFPB, HHS, and the Treasury to use their power and authority to crack down on the institutions that are driving the medical debt crisis--hospitals, health insurers and drug companies.


Silver Spring Justice Coalition Police Advisory Board

Council Hearing tomorrow on Bill to Undermine the Policing Advisory Commission. Councilmember Dawn Luedtke introduced a bill to effectively destroy the Policing Advisory Commission (PAC) and replace it with a Commission with more voices for the police and few voices for the people most impacted by policing. The public hearing is at 1:30 pm on September 12th at the Council building, 100 Maryland Avenue, Rockville. We urge  individuals to oppose the bill and attend the hearing. Here are some talking points.


Metropolitan Labor Council – Starbucks Workers Day of Action

Thursday, September 14 – Various times and locations


This Thursday, Starbucks customers and allies are organizing visibility and petitioning events to demand Starbucks quit union busting. Dozens of events are already planned around the country and in the DC/Maryland region. RSVP to join an existing event near you.


Life After Release Expungement Clinic 

The criminal record’s expungement clinic is a chance for members of the community to meet with an attorney to have their criminal records expunged. The goal is to have a petition for expungement drawn up after meeting with an attorney. 

Time: Tuesdays and Saturdays 1 – 3 p.m. EDT

Location: 4719 Silver Hill Rd Suitland-Silver Hill, MD 20746

Hispanic Heritage Heat🔥🗓️🎉

PS: "As we celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, don't forget to check back here every week for new and exciting events that pay tribute to and uplift our vibrant Hispanic community!"

Cultural Street Fair Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month Sun, Sep 17, 4 – 9 PM

The second annual Cultural Street Fair celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month is in one week and will take place in Mount Rainier, MD. Read more here


Fall Fiesta Sun, Sep 18, 1-4 pm at Lake Arbor Community Center Bowie, MD

Learn more about the diverse Hispanic cultures in Prince George’s county. Enjoy live music, folkloric dances, children and teen areas, information tables and food vendors.


Opening Gallery Reception for Voices of Hispanic and Latinx Artists Exhibit, Thursday, September 21 6 - 8pm EDT

A group exhibit featuring artwork by Hispanic and Latinx artists at Chesapeake Arts Center. Sign up here

State and National News:

September. About 100 days (more or less) until the 90 days of the General Assembly kick off in January. Are we ready? Are they ready? As we see in this week's News You Can Use, our schools, our housing policy, our policy on roads vs. mass transit (Toll roads? We hoped we were done with that) and the capacity of our state workers are all less settled than we were thinking of, best-case. The brute fact that many of these issues are tangled up with one another (see: teacher availability and housing costs) makes it harder. In an election year there will be a lot for Maryland legislators to juggle, and it's not too early to let them know what's on our minds. Read on, and start making your lists. It’s News You Can Use.

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