We are winding down our campaign to center the community’s voice in the selection process of the new PGCPS Superintendent. We have 300 petition signatures and counting and have gained new AROS partners along the way, and established dozens of new relationships with community members and leaders all over the county that are all coming together to strengthen the school system. Thanks to everyone who knocked doors and made phone calls with us this last two months. This work has been extremely impactful and we could not have done any of it without our awesome members and allies! 

Our April 22nd AROS Virtual Community forum was a success! Thanks to everyone that came out and participated in a robust community conversation. We also heard from a PM leader and full time PGCPS substitute, Nirvan Sengupta, and community leader and mother of two PGCPS public school children, Phyllis Wright, who shared powerful stories and encouraged the audience that there are practical ways to get involved, right now! 

A special thanks to Ms. Janna Parker, CEO of PG Changemakers, and Board of Education, District 2, representative Jonathan Briggs for showing up and showing out! You’re engagement brought a wealth of lived and professional experience to the conversation. Solidarity!

Unfortunately, there are a LOT of problems involving the political establishment that has heavy influence over our school system and its leaders. Here are a few articles that take a deeper look at some of the most recent issues:

Also, why did the political establishment vote to amend HB1079 to retroactively pay for Juanita Miller’s legal fees? And why did HB432, amended to be more inclusive to our elected BOE members and more community members die in the MGA at the end of session? If you want to know more and find ways to get involved, give Dev, the Prince George’s County Organizer, a call at 804-528-7756. 



The county Executive has finally planned an in person community forum for this Wednesday night, April 26th from 6-8 p.m. at Charles Flowers High School in Springdale. Several folks signed up to testify at the forum and we are encouraging more of our members to do the same. CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP TO TESTIFY


If you cannot make the Wednesday night in-person forum, please take 3 minutes to send in written testimony in the record for the CEO search to the County Executive. THIS link provides a passage template that can either be sent as is or edited to read in your own words/replaced with your own words and additional comments as suggested on the landing page. SEND AN EMAIL TO THE CEO