Progressive Maryland Regrant Program: Year 2 (September 2023 ‚Äď August 2024)



Despite having one of the largest populations of returning citizens in the state of Maryland, Prince George’s County lacks adequate resources to ensure that formerly incarcerated residents are able to reintegrate successfully. Although some progress has been made in recent years; housing, jobs, needed services remain out of reach for too many.  Stigmatization remains a problem as does the lack of opportunities to fully become members of the community.  The goal of this fund is to support programs that facilitate the reentry process and address problems faced by returning citizens in Prince George’s County.

The program is being overseen by Progressive Maryland’s Returning Citizens Task Force (RCTF) which was formed in 2019. RCTF advocates for legislative and administrative reforms, engages in community outreach and networks with other organizations working with justice impacted individuals and their families.  This work is part of the overall activity of Progressive Maryland. a multi-racial, working-class political organization that is building a movement to save our planet and put working people in control of our government and economy while ending all forms of structural oppression within our state.  

Please fill out the information below for consideration of receiving a grant from Progressive Maryland for direct service providers working with individuals after release from incarceration. This work can take many shapes -- housing, work, community engagement, publication, art, health care provision, education -- or touching on any other of the unmet needs of returning citizens.  The grants we give will be in the range of $10,000 - $ 20,000 to support one year of work.  We are prioritizing program areas that will have immediate impacts with straightforward, clearly measurable outcomes.

Progressive Maryland will award these grants through a participatory grantmaking process, which empowers local people with lived experience to determine the best uses of our fund's resources. The committee that will be making the funding decisions will be made up of 7 ‚Äď 9 individuals who have been impacted by the justice system and/or have significant experience working with directly impacted people.

Please note the following requirements:  Our grants are for work that takes place in Prince George’s County, and we require an in-person staff presence in our community.   Part of our goal is to build up a network of providers and to that end we will hold several trainings (explained below) for grantees.  Finally, although any organization may apply, our focus is on smaller service providers where our grants might prove to be most beneficial. 


  1. Basic organizational information

a. Organization name

b. Address

c. Contact person name, email, phone

d. Website

e. Social media


     2. What is your organization’s vision and mission?


     3. Please give us a brief overview of your organization’s history. When was it founded, by

whom, and why? What have you accomplished so far?


     4. Narrative


a. What is the challenge you are seeking to address?


b. What are your proposed solutions to this challenge, both in terms of the long- term systemic reforms you are working toward and the concrete steps you will take to create those reforms?


c. How will you accomplish or make progress toward these proposed solutions? Please include, as applicable, how your program will be staffed; any community, organizational, or business partnerships that are key to your success; and a general timeline (quarterly goals are fine.)


d. Outcomes: What does success look like in 12 months? What metrics will you be using throughout the grant period to assess whether your project is on track or adjustments need to be made to your plan?  What does long-term success look like?


    5. Is your organization willing and able to participate in our learning cohort with attendance at up to six trainings that will take place between September 2023 and August 2024?

                Note: each award recipient is asked to participate in six workshops scheduled throughout the grant period (a commitment of 6 days spread out over twelve months). The goal of our grant program is both to support those who provide direct services in Prince George’s County and to build networks and connections amongst recipients. These will be in-person (participant can be any qualified staff member).


   6. Project budget


How to Submit Your Proposal

Please email your proposal and supporting attachments to [email protected]

Proposals must be sent via email and are due by 11:59 EST on July 31

If you have any questions about the content of your proposal or how to submit it, please contact Kurt Stand, Progressive Maryland Reentry Lead, at [email protected]

An email confirmation will be sent to the corresponding email account within three days after proposal submission. Notification of awardees will be made via email by August 25.  Grant funding will begin on September 1.