stop_evictions.jpgProgressive Maryland's housing and judiciary reform task force will tackle issues of the pandemic housing, foreclosure and eviction crisis at a virtual forum Tuesday, March 16, 6:30-8pm. Join us to face up to the emergency during which joblessness and quarantine have put working families, both mortgage holders and renters, in danger of becoming unhoused during a perilous time.

There is a foreclosure and eviction crisis going on right now in Maryland! COVID-19 has exacerbated many already serious problems and there may be no worse example of this than the current eviction and foreclosure crisis. 
house_symbol.pngMaryland has been in the top three states for national foreclosures almost every year for the past decade. In a normal year this would be a terrible issue but as with so many things, COIVD-19 has made this problem much more dangerous. We cannot be throwing hardworking Marylanders onto the street because they cannot keep up with their mortgage payments during a global pandemic. This is especially true given that so many working class people have lost their jobs due to the economic crises our country is facing. The crisis for both homeowners and renters threatens more than ever but is a holdover from inequitable structural issues that preceded the pandemic.


The foreclosures crisis is an equity issue. More often than not, those who are targeted for foreclosure are immigrants, people of color, and communities vulnerable to being erased from the Maryland dream of owning their own home and leaving a place to live to their family and children. The foreclosure crisis is yet another example of how COVID-19 is hitting those with the least power in our society the hardest. 
Please join Progressive Maryland's Housing & Judiciary Reform Task Force for a digital town hall on Tuesday, March 16th from 6:30pm-8:00pm, to discuss Maryland's ongoing foreclosure crisis. We will be hearing from experts and homeowners about the ongoing fight to protect Maryland homeowners from the foreclosure industrial complex. 
Progressive Maryland's Housing & Judiciary Reform Task Force was launched late last year after a number of statewide activists and leaders approached us about the silent suffering of countless families who were watching their generational wealth be stolen by debt collectors with sometimes little to no proof at all of a mortgage default or even an actual loan. If you are interested in joining the task force click here. 
We are excited to be jumping into this work and we hope to see you next week at the forum. See you there!

Progressive Maryland Housing & Judiciary Reform Task Force


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